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PlayGames๐ŸŒนSocialโค background
PlayGames๐ŸŒนSocialโค users-three 5789 375 12 Boosts 12 Boosts

Come to our Play & social server ! RADIO GAMES AND MORE โ˜† You can find friends. โ˜† You can listen to music on music channels. โ˜† You can play games together. โ˜† You can upload images/videos and rate it! โ˜… You can actively get more authorized permissions on our server.

Shawn Mendes background
Shawn Mendes users-three 1223 196 16 Boosts 16 Boosts

This is the biggest discord server that is dedicated to Shawn Mendes, and it has an aesthetic layout! Not only we include Shawn content, we also include content from Camila Cabello!

NEBULA PRODUCTIONS users-three 1110 214 18 Boosts 18 Boosts

๐ŸŒŒ Welcome to Nebula Productions! ๐ŸŒŒ Are you looking to join a server filled with creatives? You have come to the right place. Our focus is for creatives to help creatives. We are a music production-focused server but we welcome all kinds of artists! (Music, Drawing, Writers, etc.) Friendly vibes only. No NSFW.

Sage background
Sage users-three 125 33

A 13+ voluntary non-professional hangout server based around mental health and mental illness with the purpose to make it easier to connect with new people and friends.

Abode Of The Damned background
Abode Of The Damned users-three 376 63

Official server for the best music bot on discord. Theres much more than meets the eye, join and find out! ๐Ÿ‘€

Musician's Outpost background
Musician's Outpost users-three 2752 262 11 Boosts 11 Boosts

Musician's Outpost is the perfect server for guitar, bass, and other instrument players across the globe that want to share their interests about instruments, bands, music, genres, and much more! We have active members and moderators, along with text and voice channels! You can be sure that all channels are properly moderated so it's always a good time!

Billie Eilish ๐ŸŽ„ background
Billie Eilish ๐ŸŽ„ users-three 25 23 3 Boosts 3 Boosts

Welcome to billie eilish! A community server based on the singer/songwriter billie eilish.

Artistic Reality background
Artistic Reality users-three 467 115 3 Boosts 3 Boosts

We welcome you to Artistic Reality! We're an arts server focused on collaboration, whether you draw, write, or make music, we have a corner for you in our server! What we offer: - Showcase channels for your art/writing - A lot of levels and roles & rewards! - Three topic-based divisions to share your skills with people like you! - Booster & Voter perks - Open staff applications system (you can apply whenever you want as long as you meet the regs!) Join us now!

โ„ | Ghost Gang background
โ„ | Ghost Gang users-three 900 204 29 Boosts 29 Boosts

Heya ^-^ and welcome to GHOSTGANG! We are a small group of chill people that game, chat and listen to music. We have all kinds of channels where we also talk about books, movies, pets, interior design, veganism and yes trains XD (personal interests of some members). We are pretty international, but most of us are from Europe. You wanna join :D? (16 plus btw)

ใ€ŽMonochrome.ใ€- Anime and Manga background
ใ€ŽMonochrome.ใ€- Anime and Manga users-three 1080 191 10 Boosts 10 Boosts

โ–ก A server made by anime fans, for anime fans. โ–ก โ–ก Why even wait? Join us at Monochrome today! โ–ก

Stephen Vineburg the Artist background
Stephen Vineburg the Artist users-three 66 11 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Welcome to Stephen Vineburg discord server! This server is about Stephen Vineburg's life, his work, his movies, his Web3 stuff. Everyone is free to ask him any question they want.

Abandoned Pools background
Abandoned Pools users-three 12 10

2000s Rock! Alternative baby! We got the good stuff such as Linkin Park, Abandoned Pools, Simple Plan, All American Rejects, etc. Get your booty inside and vibe tonight!!

Kpop zone is a server for kpop stans and non k-pop stans! Just chill in this server and have fun.

The Indian Mafia background
The Indian Mafia users-three 581 117 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Wholesome server with good people, can talk in English or Hindi Most of us are Indian Enjoy here

CELED Studio background
CELED Studio users-three 12 6

CELED: a Digital Marketing and Web 3.0 Studio you have always needed for your business.

BLEV background
BLEV users-three 352 81 11 Boosts 11 Boosts

This is a unique server that provides clean community to the person who joins the server.

House of Armyโท background
House of Armyโท users-three 495 41 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

House of ARMY! THE place for BTS fans, Run by a 5 year Army! Join a new and developing server and help make it great, now SERVER BOOSTED!

Welcome to Purple Galaxy!! An aesthetic server wither cool people!!

Unchained Music background
Unchained Music users-three 2613 158

Unchained Music offers 100% free distribution. Forever. No fees. No subscriptions. No contracts. Artists keep all of their royalties.

OUTSIZE background
OUTSIZE users-three 1366 327 11 Boosts 11 Boosts

A fun and active server. For all artist, whether you LOVE music, MAKE music, or MAKE art, this server is welcome to everyone!!! This Server is also the homebase of the Outsize record label (music group). Includes experienced users of Ableton, FL Studio, LMMS, Blender, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Music Producers and Visual Artists.

Chill Town background
Chill Town users-three 13 7

welcome to flagdog! here u can text with people, listening music

Bee Friends background
Bee Friends users-three 23540 2233 27 Boosts 27 Boosts

hi, here is a server for make friend in it. we do monthly giveaway active chat over 60 color roles and more

Trinsid | Producing background
Trinsid | Producing users-three 73 22 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

โ€ข Promote your projects โ€ข Work with other talented musicians and audio engineers โ€ข Learn and grow your skill set in digital audio

Hidden Leaf background
Hidden Leaf users-three 433 78 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Welcome to the Hidden Leaf! Fallen leaves on the ground are a golden song of an eternal creativity.

2KIแ‘Žแ—ช แ”•Eแ–‡แฏIแ‘•Eแ”• background
2KIแ‘Žแ—ช แ”•Eแ–‡แฏIแ‘•Eแ”• users-three 25 12 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

Welcome to 2kind services the best server to stop by when you want to listen to music or hang out and play games with random people are on the server we offer music bots custom stickers and multiple members to chill and hang out with we have voice channels to unlock like rust cod and multiple more games come stop by we have a very well constructed discord server with easy rules to comply to thank you for taking your time to read out short description we welcome everyone to join!

Epsilon Records background
Epsilon Records users-three 230 110 14 Boosts 14 Boosts

๐ŸŽง Join our Discord community of producers and musicians. ๐ŸŽน We are actively signing new artists! ๐ŸŽ Free giveaways!

Gaming Sanctuary background
Gaming Sanctuary users-three 61 36 4 Boosts 4 Boosts

An active community for every discord user and gamer!

We our here to elevate. Motivate . learn & grow together as a collective.

My universe background
My universe users-three 39 17

manly people's hobbies and passion in this server and want people around the world to bring close to each other with same interest