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DCRP is a realistic and fun roleplay experience with a relaxed atmosphere.


Hello, DCRP is looking for members to join our Xbox One RP Community established on June 21, 2023! Disconnect Roleplay is a new relaxed Xbox GTA V Roleplay server. Our server offers a realistic and fun roleplay experience with a relaxed atmosphere. It is easy to apply and free to do what you want to have fun. We do not have things like civilian rankings, so straight off the bat, you can enjoy what you came in to do! Due to our relaxed nature, we do not limit you on scenarios you can run; want to have a race day? Want to start a gang? Want to have a peaceful life? Well, in DCRP, we all you do to all of that! Join Disconnect Roleplay and Create Your Own Story! We have many departments for people to join (listed below). We are looking for members that are looking to disconnect from the real world, and enjoy what you do with others. We are a server that loves to roleplay and loves to strive! Please come check us out! Our Departments: ► S.A.H.P. (San Andreas Highway Patrol) ► S.S.P.D. (Sandy Shores Police Department) ► B.C.S.O. (Blaine County Sheriff Office) ► S.A.F.D (San Andreas Fire & Rescue) ► S.A.S.D. (San Andreas State Dispatchers) ► S.A.C. (San Andreas Civilian) Server Features: ► We take pride in our server and it’s members ► A mature setting for those aged 13+ ► Hiring All Ranks / Active Staff ► Experienced or No Experienced Members we look forward to helping ► Dedicated team to ensure that you settle into a new environment ► Daily Roleplays



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