Dragon with hidden ETH [NFT]

Dragon with hidden ETH [NFT]Basic

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Why hidden ETH? - 1️⃣+1️⃣ PAY 1 BUY 2! - Find where are the hidden ETHs in the dragons. With each NFT with hidden ETH you have a chance to win one extra NFT! - 🧱 HOLD YOUR NFT - For the first time, the NFT project is giving their holders 0.1% of their project’s Yearly revenue. Ex: $10M/year x 0.1% = $10K/year in passive income! One entry for person. - 🚀 MEET THE DRAGON INTO THE METAVERSE - Being Dragon’s supporter helps him to make a world tour and to meet h


This young project is being transformed from a good idea to a project with many real followers and responsive artists, who always listen to the community! ROADMAP PHASE 1: The focus is almost on promoting and populating the NFTs and community. - Mint 1000 Dragons in the collection - Reach 1000 members community - Give away 40 Dragons PHASE 2: Many NFTs from one conception like Dragon Underworlds, Dragon in Space, etc. - Mint 4000 Dragons in the collection - Reach 8000 members community - Give away 30 Dragons PHASE 3: The game release - Dragon cards Game with rules and fights. - Mint other 5000 Dragons in the collection - Reach 25 000 members community -Hit price of 1 ETH for each NFT



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