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WRLD ● rbx tourneys background
WRLD ● rbx tourneys users-three 564 189 20 20

!!13+!! Gaming server. We mainly play roblox but feel free to stream what ever you want. Hangout, chill, and respect the rules.

{TTK} Top-Tier-Killas background
{TTK} Top-Tier-Killas users-three 28 11

Welcome to {TTK} Top-Tier-Killas. This is a Call of Duty clan Server. Looking for a squad? We got players, killas, and winners!! Join or create voice chats; Chat with other; Make friends; find you squad here. Join TTK today!!!!

100+ of the BEST Most Funniest Emojis Ever to enhance your comical skills and humor! You can find the World's Greatest Emotes so you can use that are just AMAZING so you can express yourself freely. HUNDREDS of them! 🤭 100+ Emojis 🤭 Custom designed Emojis you won't find elsewhere 🤭 Most popular Wholesome Emojis on the web in one place 🤭 Accepting Emoji Submissions 🤭 Friendly & Helpful community Why are you holding out? Stop wasting time looking for Funn

Shitpost Corporation background
Shitpost Corporation users-three 1401 265 18 18

We offer: Giveaways Active members Good offensive/weird memes that you won't find anywhere else Custom Roles We don't have many rules We get 2k+ messages daily we are boosted to level 3 (maximum) (If you join say goodbye to your brain cells)

Haven | social • fun • dm background
Haven | social • fun • dm users-three 53 22

We are not specifically a dating server however we do have places for people that do look for dating, although we mostly try to make friends. We do game nights and just chill

☢Diotor Entertainment☢ background
☢Diotor Entertainment☢ users-three 133 46

Diotor Entertainment ofrece emocionantes videojuegos 🎮 y contenido multimedia innovador 🎉. Con creatividad y pasión por la diversión 🚀, llevan a los jugadores a aventuras inolvidables 🌌. ¡Diversión asegurada! 😃🕹️🌟

Anime Lovers | PLS BOOST background
Anime Lovers | PLS BOOST users-three 45 19 6 6

Hey! Looking for people to watch anime with! You’ve found the right server

✨ | Ghost Gang background
✨ | Ghost Gang users-three 2156 290 28 28

₊✦ Ghost Gang is a friendly and active community. If you like to chat, game and listen to music, give this server a shot! ₊˚꒱

Ace GQ background
Ace GQ users-three 68 17 8 8

Join Nebula🌌 --------------------------- 🗨️-Social With Other 🎶- Talk About Music/Rap 🏀- Basketball/Other Sports Talk 😂- Funny/Dark Humor Nebula is a new discord server waiting to add and met new people come into the server to chill, talk about sports, music, and packing. Meet new people, and more. Socialize with others and see how the server is, Join Today.

Nova's Universe background
Nova's Universe users-three 69 29 2 2

Nova's Universe is a fun, chill, accepting hangout place for anyone over the age of 13! We hold events monthly, we're trying to make an active server, and we have roles for everyone. Come join!

Welcome to Chandeluria! We are a small but very active & growing server. We are looking to expand our horizons and meet new people! We have occasional game nights & events, with active channels and an abundance of bots, please come and join us!

QuickScope | SOCIALIZE background
QuickScope | SOCIALIZE users-three 847 135 19 19

we are a really active discord server that is into dark jokes and any jokes in general we have people in voicechats all day everyday with a staff member watching over the voicechat.

stsitb background
stsitb users-three 22 7

Hello This is a Roblox SCP Server. I made this server because for the fun. But then realized theres a more deeper meaning that you can solve.

Drippy hippies background
Drippy hippies users-three 6 3

For anyone who likes pot,shrooms and more come on in let's have some wacky fun

Unhinged background
Unhinged users-three 7 3

For people who really like the more unhinged side of life

Hey~! Wir sind Ein Ziemlich Neuer Sever und Noch im Aufbau! Wir suchen Aktive und Coole People.! Was Wir zu bieten Haben! ~Giveaways ~Gaming Anime Channel ~Coole People ~ Night Talks ~Mini Games Join uns Doch Einfachmal und Maybe Findest du Coole Ne

Chill 丶Zone background
Chill 丶Zone users-three 250 67

Chill - Zone Active chats, Memes, Funny, Social, Community, Giveaways, and advertising for all platforms.

Quantum Hangout background
Quantum Hangout users-three 62 20 1 1

A fun, humorous, awesome place to socialize! We're open to suggestions ALWAYS, so feel free to note anything to me if you think something should be added! Join up!

baddie's only (18+) background
baddie's only (18+) users-three 25 18 1 1

come join our server! 18+ ONLY a place to hang out and make friends find friends to play games with a sfw server don’t be lame, come and join

The gems background
The gems users-three 63 20 2 2

Hello!! Welcome to *The gems* :) The gems is a fun, nice and safe community where we play games, talk about life and just hang out in general. The gems has a semi toxic community where we joke around and play about. Please consider joining!!

Ziggy's City background
Ziggy's City users-three 28 12 9 9

We’re a fun little community, get to know us! It’s a guaranteed good time if you like to laugh!

𝖆𝖇𝖞𝖘𝖘 ✿ background
𝖆𝖇𝖞𝖘𝖘 ✿ users-three 116 37 1 1

this a teen only server if you're 18 or over please don't join as i myself am a minor.

F R E N Z background
F R E N Z users-three 42 23

F R E N Z welcome, this server is a community for anyone to join

∿   🛝     ♡     . ⁺ /kang background
∿   🛝     ♡     . ⁺ /kang users-three 116 35 7 7

Kpop community server! feel free to drop in and say hi! we have movie nights/game nights! nitro giveaway at 200 members!.

Star time ⋆ ★ background
Star time ⋆ ★ users-three 43 16

Hi! Do you want a server that’s brand new, fun and chill! Then this server is for you!

The Slime Squadron background
The Slime Squadron users-three 18 9

Join if you're active and looking for anime, gaming, memes, and music may start doing Edates soon as well.

//\'   background
//\'  users-three 215 59 14 14

discord.gg/zeromortals Invite + Boost Giveaway anitok/ Anime ; Active ; Social Semi Toxic + sfw //𝐒𝐎𝐍 𝐆𝐎𝐊𝐔™️

The Galactic Republic background
The Galactic Republic users-three 414 55 2 2

Hello there! Looking for a fun community that loves star wars? Well you've found the place. Here at the Galactic Republic we do a wide range of Star Wars themed roleplays and events. If you are interested in making new friends, talking about the galaxy far, far, away, and even roleplaying about it, then come check it out. We don't follow the timeline of Star Wars, so you can be whoever you want if that character isn't taken!

shits and giggles 2.0 background
shits and giggles 2.0 users-three 6 4

New server looking for people that have not much better to do! 13+ & and accepting of anyone

🌸The Grotto🌸 background
🌸The Grotto🌸 users-three 40 19

Im not going to lie this server is as chaotic as its mascot the goose from untitled goose game,it's a self running "communist" server where everyone insults and simultaneously supports each other,in all good fun.