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🄾🄶🄶 background
🄾🄶🄶 users-three 28 19

Thanks for joining server. Here you see friendly community and nsfw content! But don't worry, if u don't like nsfw content, u no see. If you want see the NSFW content, just go information channel and u see.

Shits and giggles background
Shits and giggles users-three 15 13

(13-17) PSA! This server is still developing due to its small size! So it won't be very active just yet.

GoldBlayzer background
GoldBlayzer users-three 66 17

Fun, festive, friendly, and interactive! For Roblox players and my YouTube subscribers! Frequent giveaways, games, polls, and more!

VEXWORLD background
VEXWORLD users-three 80 37 2 2


★𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄★ background
★𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐄★ users-three 37 18

We are super kind and accept everyone!! (except rule breakers..)

✨ | Ghost Gang background
✨ | Ghost Gang users-three 1606 214 20 20

Heya ^-^ and welcome to GHOSTGANG! We are a small group of chill people that game, chat and listen to music. We have all kinds of channels where we also talk about books, movies, pets, interior design, veganism and yes trains XD (personal interests of some members). We are pretty international, but most of us are from Europe. You wanna join :D? (16 plus btw)

OY MATE background
OY MATE users-three 22 17

hello can you please join our server we need members real bad so please join :)

MEME-LIST background
MEME-LIST users-three 28 9

Hello and welcome to the upcoming #1 server for memes to share and collect for your self only here at the (MEME-LIST), So join now and invite your friend's to see the funny.

THE GAMING ZONE background
THE GAMING ZONE users-three 78 34 1 1

Hello there! I am the owner of the gaming zone and it's nice to meet you. Our server is about gaming and has a fun community. It has lots of things and it's worth joining. We are now hiring so join us if you want a staff place! We are very excited to meet you!😁

Rizz Studios background
Rizz Studios users-three 18 10

Welcome to North Africans Not United! Here we just socialise and chill plus we host giveaways!

Sooby's Random Planet background
Sooby's Random Planet users-three 29 13


your local disappointments background
your local disappointments users-three 42 20

we are a semi-toxic group of friends, we all care and have a good time! looking to grow our server and make friendships that last a life time. join if youre looking for a fun time! we enjoy gaming, and just goofing around:)

The House Of Memes background
The House Of Memes users-three 97 27 2 2

Welcome to The House of Memes, where you post random stuff like videos, memes, pics, whatever. Hang out, make new friends, interact with the staff team, and such more!

The Hoberlands background
The Hoberlands users-three 37 12

Chat, game, share pets, do anything in this server! (No NSFW allowed)

Top Pranks youtube for Top Pranks youtube for Top Pranks youtube and Top Pranks youtube Top Pranks youtube

🌵RailRoad Roleplay🌵 background
🌵RailRoad Roleplay🌵 users-three 173 53

Najbolji Balkanski communty server sa svim stvarima koje mozete pozeleti. Hvala svima novima koji dodju, da zajedno pravimo novu zabavu.

sinners only background
sinners only users-three 58 11 1 1

this server anything goes toxic racism dark humor memes anything

ossu ☆ background
ossu ☆ users-three 246 64 10 10

☆ a pretty chill server with pretty chill people. everyone here is pretty funny and we like to just hang out. ⭒

Tea Kingdom background
Tea Kingdom users-three 410 52 2 2

Ищем новых друзей для лампового общения и просто совместных игр.. а ещё у нас есть милые пёсики!

☢ ANIME EXPRES ☢ background
☢ ANIME EXPRES ☢ users-three 68 23

a friendly newly created community looking for nice people

zero background
zero users-three 104 35 3 3

┌────────── •✧✧• ───────────┐ Welcome to [zero] └────────── •✧✧• ───────────┘ ───────────

8 Mile background
8 Mile users-three 79 36

Hey Welcome! If you see this I hope your having a nice day! We are 8 Mile! A nice cool server with free roam! We pack , edate , play games , and anything really. I hope you like what you heard and join. If you confused come check our server for 2 days and see if your gonna stay or not. Anyways gotta go finna pack someone real quick!

Green Monkey World background
Green Monkey World users-three 19 6

This sever is a funny community you can find teammates people to chat with and listen to music with friends

GOOFY AHH EMPIRE V3 background
GOOFY AHH EMPIRE V3 users-three 179 47 1 1


The Degenerate Hideout background
The Degenerate Hideout users-three 5 3

The home to actually funny memes and a brain-dead community. I hope you hate your visit!

Relax Zone | Eboys&Egirls | Chill | Social | Fun😌 background
Relax Zone | Eboys&Egirls | Chill | Social | Fun😌 users-three 25 19

My server needs staff this is my first time making a discord server I would like anyone to join and I’m looking for members also

The Fur Den background
The Fur Den users-three 24 12

It is fun and good mods furry out but not just for furrys

Dragon with hidden ETH [NFT] background
Dragon with hidden ETH [NFT] users-three 3472 51

Why hidden ETH? - 1️⃣+1️⃣ PAY 1 BUY 2! - Find where are the hidden ETHs in the dragons. With each NFT with hidden ETH you have a chance to win one extra NFT! - 🧱 HOLD YOUR NFT - For the first time, the NFT project is giving their holders 0.1% of their project’s Yearly revenue. Ex: $10M/year x 0.1% = $10K/year in passive income! One entry for person. - 🚀 MEET THE DRAGON INTO THE METAVERSE - Being Dragon’s supporter helps him to make a world tour and to meet h

Bobbys Spot background
Bobbys Spot users-three 15 10

We talk and text at Bobbys spot. you can join vc and make new friends. you can talk about anything you want

RNSSFRRN background
RNSSFRRN users-three 60 17

Very Offensive but funny server, do not recommend joining if you are offended easily.