Fallout: 2 Weeks After

Fallout: 2 Weeks AfterBasic

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Set weeks after the events of New Vegas, the NCR has chased the legion into Idaho only to find that the neighboring state has trouble of its own.


Welcome to Idaho! Set weeks after the events of new vegas. The courier was very much sympathetic to the NCR and helped them every step along the way, achieving a decisive victory at hoover dam. With the momentum firmly behind them, the NCR did not stop at hoover dam, they wanted to destroy the legion once and for all this time. The Legion recovered fast and fortified all entryways into Utah in an effort to keep the NCR out. What they didn't expect was that the NCR would just avoid an obvious trap and enter Utah through Idaho, where the Legion had not yet fortified. The Legion rushed into Idaho to meet them, but found that Idaho wasn't an empty state, it had its own factions with palpable political tension that was about to come to a head with the two foreign factions waging war in foreign land. Server features: -5 fully fleshed-out factions and lore that are carefully crafted to fit in with the overall tone of the games, alongside canon factions making a return. -RPG-style character progression, level up, rank up, and get stronger as you play! -Possibly a settlement creation system later on. -Extensive choice of rp channels set in Idaho and the south of Canada. -Extremely lenient character creation. -Playable canon characters. -Friendly staff. -Extensive server security -Optional 18+ channels



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