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Game Tester brings together gamers and developers from all over the world - providing fast and detailed feedback.


Imagine a world where gamers get to test games, give feedback and contribute to making games better and better, and to top it off, get rewarded for their efforts. This is what Game Tester does, we bring gamers and game developers together to make the best, most epic games possible. Join the cause. You’ll collaborate with game developers, give them your valuable opinions and you’ll get to play the next-generation of great games too. You’ll receive rewards and exclusive offers – and bragging rights! With Game Tester, your voice has a direct impact on the future development of video games and other virtual experiences we help test. You will become an integral part of that future and help shape the direction of how future games are released. Are you tired and disappointed by the amount of unfinished, untested and bug-ridden games that are released every year? Or games that would have been so much better if only the developer had listened to critical feedback earlier on? Well, this is your opportunity to make a difference! You don’t need any previous testing experience to become a Game Tester. Our mission is to provide game developers access to real-world, normal gamers using their own equipment, in their own country to provide a truly unbiased and honest reflection of their real-world audience. We currently run tests on PC, Mac, VR and mobile games on Android / iOS. If you have access to at least one of these, are passionate about games, love giving feedback and want to make a difference – we’d love to have you aboard!



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