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Starlight Services background
Starlight Services users-three 1305 224 16 16

Starlight Services is a 800 member service server ready to help you with any of your discord needs - and we are completely free! With thousands of positive reviews, Starlight is your best bet when looking for any of the following services! 🌟 Our Services :: ➥ Server Building ➥ Graphic Design ➥ Video Editing ➥ Bot & Web Development ➥ Ad Building ➥ Content Creation

ZOMBIE-DEV background
ZOMBIE-DEV users-three 154 26 6 6

Hello, This server was made for a game we made, And so we would like to get new people in the server to try it out and enjoy the fun with friend's

Wild Devs background
Wild Devs users-three 107 23 2 2

GERMAN AND ENGLISH COMMUNITY! Discuss about programming techniques, languages and philosophy when developing software. Share your minds & code and show us your projects!

Pyreworks background
Pyreworks users-three 51 12 4 4

We're a service team that specializes in Discord Bots, Minecraft Plugins, Minecraft Server Setups and more! We're looking to expand our team and specializations so we can offer more! We have the most competitive pricing on the market!

✨ | 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝗰 background
✨ | 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗜𝗻𝗰 users-three 221 56 10 10

The Core est le serveur principal regroupant tous les autres projets The Core !

Loaded8s Poker Wars background
Loaded8s Poker Wars users-three 169 117 4 4

Join The Loaded8s Poker Wars Community ! A Brand New Way To Play Poker! Play Againts The Top Dogs! Did I Mention Its Free? We Would Love Every Feedback And Kind Words As We Continue To Develop The Game! Game Is Out✅ Giveaways In The Future✅ Active And Live Support✅ Fun Rewards And Awesome Community🔥

Forum City Center background
Forum City Center users-three 1338 243 7 7

Home of our Unique Mall/Shopping Centre Interest & Development Industry from The Roblox Platform!

Hollow Point RP background
Hollow Point RP users-three 98 33 2 2

Hollow Point RP is a fivem roleplay community hosted by zap-hosting and owned by Scott Z, We are an open community looking for LEO Fire And Staff

Service.Pro background
Service.Pro users-three 56 11

Buy top quality online services on discord. We offer anything from web automation, bots, to 3D models. Join and tell us what you need.

Sprint Community background
Sprint Community users-three 28 3

Sprint Community! A growing community for Sprint language.

WordPress Support background
WordPress Support users-three 319 53 3 3

Get and give WordPress development support. Discuss plugins, themes, custom coding (PHP, JS, HTML, CSS) and more! We welcome developers, designers, content creators, and new website owners.

Tori's server background
Tori's server users-three 38 9

💚We're building a friendly, diverse and inclusive community for indie artists and developers💜 Come join us! 🌈

Ross Productions background
Ross Productions users-three 1165 404 3 3

> **__Rosss Designs__** > > **Welcome to Rosss Designs We are here to provide you with the best product's possible for you're FiveM community!** > > **We Offer** > - Emergency Uniform Packs > - Livery Packs > - Profile Pictures > - FiveM Character Drawings > - Banners > - FiveM Cinematic Videos > - FiveM Scripts > - FiveM Vehicles > - Custom Reshades > - Eup Models > - Anything of your needs!

Game Tester background
Game Tester users-three 8343 1155 17 17

Game Tester brings together gamers and developers from all over the world - providing fast and detailed feedback.

TormozGames Community background
TormozGames Community users-three 38 11

This server is about a video game called: "The Darkness". People can meet the awesome creator of the game. Here you can chat, read and even suggest new things for the game! Meet the amazing moderators and the owner of course.

Web Development Service background
Web Development Service users-three 87 5

Hi! Here you can buy Websites and Web designs too! Our prices are really good and cheap!

Lost Frame Development background
Lost Frame Development users-three 253 83 4 4

Come chat with the developers of SafeZoneVR on steam and the community! This server is also a hangout for gamers, game devs, and more, We hold community events for everyone to come in and chat!

The Coder's Den background
The Coder's Den users-three 160 26

The Coder's Den is community of Coder's from all around the world

CreatorHub - Startups & Projects background
CreatorHub - Startups & Projects users-three 318 32

CreatorHub is the community where entrepreneurs and projects come together. Browse startups and have fun!

BlueCrab background
BlueCrab users-three 130 26

🔵 BlueCrab! 🔵 1️⃣ Join the best Development Group on Roblox! 👶 Releasing Household soon, RP Game! 💰 Daily Events, 10K and 5K Robux Events at the moment! 🛠️ Chill Community, Game Nights, QOTD, Sneak Peeks, Development and more!

Practicyn's Designs background
Practicyn's Designs users-three 56 18

Welcome to Practicyn's Development! We are a new FiveM Community specializing in Vehicle Liveries, Vehicles, EUP, Logos, and banners.

MyNameIsKiyoshi's Plugins 🌸 background
MyNameIsKiyoshi's Plugins 🌸 users-three 99 20

Official MyNameIsKiyoshi's Plugins Community, For Gaming And Development

r/club_ringtone background
r/club_ringtone users-three 60 27 3 3

Community kann jeder sein, aber wir sind Club Ringtone!! Aufgrund einer Idee, bauen wir uns eine Plattformübergreifende Community mit eigener Economy, Regeln und Wünschen auf. Wir sind Teil von etwas Großem, bist du dabei?

Wisteria background
Wisteria users-three 40 9

A community server that has many things on its......... This is an short description -_-.

Official dbxTools background
Official dbxTools users-three 39 4

dbxDevelopment is a Development Service for very cheap prices: - Discord Bots - ARK Coding - MCBE Packages - Custom Tools [ ;) ]

CodeSee💜Open Source background
CodeSee💜Open Source users-three 1854 148 14 14

On a mission to build the largest open source community on Discord at discord.gg/opensource. Join the community today to explore open source projects, meet maintainers and contributors and participate in open source giveaways and events!

🌊Underwater Trampoline Park background
🌊Underwater Trampoline Park users-three 19 7

`Welcome to Underwater Trampoline Park 🎮 ` **- Here we are a community that wants to grow. We currently are growing, and would like your help. We are a Roblox Based Community, you do not have to have Roblox to join! Below is some stuff that we offer for everyone that is in our server new and old!** **What We Offer:** - Application Weekly for MR-SHR! - Community/Non-Toxic! - Friendly Community! - Roblox Application Center Game To Become a Trainee!

Primitive Studios™ background
Primitive Studios™ users-three 7 6

We Are A Roblox And Minecraft Development Server Made In 2020, We Create Roblox Games and Minecraft Servers Based On Genres Like Fantasy, Medievil, Western, Viking Era, Pirate Era, etc.