°♪  Hangout and chill {ᵛᶦᵇᵉ} (✿❛◡❛) ♥°

°♪ Hangout and chill {ᵛᶦᵇᵉ} (✿❛◡❛) ♥°Basic

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A discord server to hangout, socialize with people and vibe along with other members in the server, share your talents or play with other members of the server and other interactions ! (*ゝωб*)b


A discord server dedicated to community hangout and socialization with other people, finding friends and creating friendship. Sharing your talent with other people whether if you a music artist, artist drawing, writer, journalist or novel writer any talent is talented. Playing and vibin with other members to have a fun battle with them sharing memorable moments to the people all the while building friendship ! ✧*。٩(๑˙╰╯˙๑)و✧*。 -Our goal in this discord server is to be the most friendliest hangout chill discord server out there alive !



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