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╰─▸ C o u r t r o o m 🎉 Active Female Members! 🎁 4x Free Nitro Pro Giveaways Right now! ♥ 🤖 Courtroom Exclusive Bot with Gambling & Guess the Flag commands! 💬 Custom Message Reward Roles! ♥ 👮 Active moderation and staff support! ♥

Herion 🧊 background
Herion 🧊 users-three 1028 190 37 37

Un server community italiano che vuole diventare un punto di riferimento per tutta Italia.

Snapchat Social Club background
Snapchat Social Club users-three 73 32 16 16

Do you enjoy snapchat? Are you looking for more snapchat friends, streaks, snapmap people? Join Snapchat Social Club’s discord server today!

Pilly's Village background
Pilly's Village users-three 113 25 6 6

We are Pilly's Village, our leader and mayor is Pilly. We're a small community looking to grow, we (almost) always accept new members into our society.

Air Talk Chat background
Air Talk Chat users-three 1127 146 14 14

Welcome to Air Talk Chat, where we provide you a platform to talk to strangers and make friends from all across the world. If you want genuine conversations or you are simply looking to have fun and laugh this is the place to be.

AL-Dawg's THICC Squad background
AL-Dawg's THICC Squad users-three 687 152 17 17

Welcome to AL-Dawg's THICC Squad! This server is all about gathering together and to just simply chat.

Chill with Friends 20+ background
Chill with Friends 20+ users-three 424 71 15 15

Chill and relax with friends on this server, designed to be an inclusive, safe, and warm space to all those who are 20 years and older. This server is not intended for hooking up, but for meeting people and cultivating genuine, supportive relationships. If you’re looking for a compassionate, transparent, and mature server, this is it.

°♪  Hangout and chill {ᵛᶦᵇᵉ} (✿❛◡❛) ♥° background
°♪  Hangout and chill {ᵛᶦᵇᵉ} (✿❛◡❛) ♥° users-three 199 38 2 2

A discord server to hangout, socialize with people and vibe along with other members in the server, share your talents or play with other members of the server and other interactions ! (*ゝωб*)b

- Sunnydale - La Valle del Sole background
- Sunnydale - La Valle del Sole users-three 30 15 2 2

Questa cittadina è un luogo dove ritrovarsi per parlare, giocare o guardare qualcosa insieme. Passa il tempo con noi!

Magicalspy's Dungeon background
Magicalspy's Dungeon users-three 40 14

Small streamers discord chatting server!! Join now!!

HideCity background
HideCity users-three 132 36 15 15

A Chill Server for Anyone. Active Everyday. Vc active everyday. Slightly Toxic but not too bad. A lot of Self Roles / Color Roles. Not very strict rules.

Fumicity background
Fumicity users-three 288 40 1 1

Are you lonely? looking for some fun? Then you've come to the right place! Join this server to meet new people, chat, & play games!

🤍White Tulips🤍 background
🤍White Tulips🤍 users-three 126 45 2 2

Welcome to 🌷White Tulips🌷! We are a small server made to chill and have fun, members can use bots chat with friend and talk in voice chats.

TristenAfton's Funkin' Pizzeria🍕 background
TristenAfton's Funkin' Pizzeria🍕 users-three 100 45

What can you do in this server? 「🎁 • Enter Giveaways │❓ • Question Of The Day │🤖 • Use lots of fun bots │💻 • Advertise your server │⚡ • Level up And more! We hope you enjoy your stay here!

Chill™❄ background
Chill™❄ users-three 354 85 5 5

A really nice server to meet new people and talk about one piece and other anime or video games.

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