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#1 Gaming LFG server to meet your gaming needs and find new gamer friends!


◎ 》A general wholesome all-purpose LFG gaming server to meet your needs & wants ranging from twitch affiliates to gaming friends. We have a wide range of features that we think will fit your gaming criteria. We are a server that promotes a healthy gaming space with a peace of mind to looking for groups and friends to play in an ease pace environment. **F e a t u r e s:** ➣ :busts_in_silhouette:『**Looking For Group**』- Come join a place where you can make friends and find gamers with similar interests who would be willing to play with you! ➣ :love_letter:『**Emotional Support**』- File a ticket for support, advice or mental help! - Yes we like to help peeps! ➣ :open_hands:『**Advertise yourself!**』- We have a streamer & content creator channel for your liking! (Streamer friendly channels) ➣ :tada:『**Giveaways & Events**』- Participate in our money, nitro giveaways with *fun & random requirements!* - We also hold events from every now and then! ➣ :hugging:『**Connect With Others**』- An all accepting environment where you can connect with other cool intellectuals! ➣ :100:『**Wide Variety Of Channels**』- We have a wide variety of channels such as music library, art-gallery, pets, memes and so many more! ➣ :joystick:『**Create Your Own Events**』- We have a system where you can create game, karaoke and even movie events - Why dont you give it a try?! ➣ :gift: 『**Rewards for Leveling, Donating, Boosting**』- We have a range of ways to gain rewards & benefits in our server! *◈ Come join us and immerse yourself!◈* ~ Come join and see what the hype is all about!`



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