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Marauders Hub background
Marauders Hub users-three 205 88 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

Join our Marauders Discord server! We want This server to be the number 1 hub for all things about the new space extraction looter shooter Marauders! Come Find players to play with in a non toxic community with active staff, post your best clips or coolest screenshots! Its all about sharing our love for the game marauders!

Penroze background
Penroze users-three 73 23

We are a Minecraft Community with Minecraft Server Hosting capabilities!

หšโ‚Šเฆ“ ๊’ท๏ธถ๊’ฆ๏ธถ ๏ธถ๊’ท ๊’ฆ๏ธถ๏ธถ โœง ๊’ท๏ธถ ๊’ฆ๏ธถ๏ธถโœง ๊’ท๏ธถ If your looking for a LGBTQ+ Gaming Community that loves to hang out and play Overwatch & other games or looking for something more professional for the esports aspect, then this is the place for you ! หšโ‚Šเฆ“ ๊’ท๏ธถ๊’ฆ๏ธถ ๏ธถ๊’ท ๊’ฆ๏ธถ๏ธถ โœง ๊’ท๏ธถ ๊’ฆ๏ธถ๏ธถโœง ๊’ท๏ธถ

MultiVersus Hub background
MultiVersus Hub users-three 181 23

Welcome to Multiversus Hub Discord! Huge active community w/ Gleamium Giveaways! Find Multiversus games with friends, rank up together, and have fun!

Rocket League Central background
Rocket League Central users-three 43 16

Rocket League Central is a discord server focused on all things rocket league.

โœจLIGHT WOLVES background
โœจLIGHT WOLVES users-three 8 8

ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู… ูˆุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูˆุจุฑูƒุงุชู‡ ๐Ÿ’œ ู†ุฑุญุจ ุจูƒู… ุจุงู„ุฅู†ุถู…ุงู… ุฅู„ู‰ ุณูŠุฑูุฑ ูˆูƒู„ุงู† โ€ โœจLIGHT WOLVESโ„ข๏ธ ู„ุชู‚ุฏูŠู… ุงู„ุฏุนู… ูˆุงู„ู…ุณุงุนุฏุฉ ูˆูƒู„ ู…ุง ูŠุชุนู„ู‚ ุจู„ุนุจุฉ DESTINY 2 ูˆุจูุถู„ ุงู„ู„ู‡, ู„ุฏูŠู†ุง ู†ุฎุจุฉ ู…ู† ุงู„ุงุนุจูŠู† ุงู„ุฑู‡ูŠุจูŠู† ููŠ ุทูˆุฑ PVE, PVP, RAID ู†ุชู…ู†ู‰ ู„ูƒู… ู‚ุถุงุก ูˆู‚ุชุงู‹ ู…ู…ุชุนุงู‹ ู…ุนู†ุง, ูˆู„ุง ุชู†ุณูˆุง ู†ุดุฑ ุงู„ุณูŠุฑูุฑ ูˆุฏุนูˆุฉ

SaintsHub background
SaintsHub users-three 16 8

SaintsHub - Fan Made Non Toxic Saints Row Community

The Multiversus Bash background
The Multiversus Bash users-three 90 27

A Multiversus community for all skill levels! Enjoy access to an LFG chat for all regions, game discussion chats, multiple voice chats for 2v2's, and memes! Join now, and win our tournament for potential cash prizes!

Overwatch 2 LFG background
Overwatch 2 LFG users-three 101970 12111 65 Boosts 65 Boosts

โ•ฐโ”โ”โžค ๐Ÿ† #1 Overwatch 2 LFG ๐Ÿ† (Looking For Group) Overwatch LFG is a new "Looking For Group" discord server with a rapid growing community with over 200 players in calls 24/7 to play with! Find groups to play in NA, EU & ASIA REGION.

Fortnite LFG ๐ŸŒŽ Boxfights | Squads | More! background
Fortnite LFG ๐ŸŒŽ Boxfights | Squads | More! users-three 2154 140

We are a LFG (Looking-For-Gamers) Fortnite community, renowned for the findings of great teammates for Arena, Trickshotting, boxfights, ect. Non-NSFW server!

RustGroups.com background
RustGroups.com users-three 13753 3332 10 Boosts 10 Boosts

RustGroups.com is a website/community that helps players of the game called Rust find other players to play with (within the gaming community also known as a 'looking for group' or 'LFG' community).

Apex Legends Singapore background
Apex Legends Singapore users-three 1453 185

Apex Legends Singapore is an active growing community where we link up fellow Apex Legends players in Singapore together to play with! We have LFG channels for all platforms including PC, Console, and Mobile.

The Real Ones background
The Real Ones users-three 5031 572 5 Boosts 5 Boosts

A destiny 2 discord server where you can easily find people to play with and also get free carries in any activity!

FootyGlobe background
FootyGlobe users-three 311 36

Hello And Welcome to FootyGlobe. FootyGlobe is a fast Growing community. That includes Server public chat where you can talk about genereal things, and a channel to send football content and memes, And fun bots to play with in bots channels. https://discord.gg/WDtdPHnfN9

XDefiant DE - GforG background
XDefiant DE - GforG users-three 129 54

Deutsche XDefiant LFG Community. Hier findest du Mitspieler! Fรผr Spieler, die wรคhrend der BETA joinen gibt es eine exklusive BETA Spieler Rolle.

Fortnite Official background
Fortnite Official users-three 2323 33 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

This is the craziest Fortnite Discord Server featuring; active LFG, Tournaments, game discussion, scrims, events, clips/screenshots sharing and ways to promote yourself! Come and make friends or enter a box fight tournament! It's a blast. The only Fortnite server you'll ever need, join now!

D2 Guardians background
D2 Guardians users-three 77 18

A server for players a like to party up and complete end game activities! Or if you just wanna hang out and meet new people you can. This server has many options for you to explore!

Pudd's Little Pog Champs background
Pudd's Little Pog Champs users-three 48 21 7 Boosts 7 Boosts

Discord community welcoming people to join for friends, games, anime, and memes!

Minecraft LFG background
Minecraft LFG users-three 11 6

Minecraft LFG server, find other gamers here! Friendly community, and plenty to do here!

The Rendezvous background
The Rendezvous users-three 145 64

Streamerโ€™s and Gamerโ€™s community to group up for games, chill and talk, or watch streams together. Building an active community! *Looking for Staff - Not Paid all Voluntary*

Chivalry 2 LFG background
Chivalry 2 LFG users-three 454 90

Chivalry 2 Looking for Groups discord. Find other players to take to the battlefield with in Torn Banner Studios medieval slasher Chivalry 2. Feeling like you are in a medieval action movie is better with friends.

Gamers Dojo background
Gamers Dojo users-three 60 11

Growing Gaming Community! If your a gamer that wants to play games with people but cant find anyone there's a lot of people in our server ready to play! and if you would like to self promo there's an option in the server everyone's really supportive .

NHG Esports Team background
NHG Esports Team users-three 26 13

A community to help small streamers grow and strive to be the best, but also show your competitive mindset

The Focus Funhouse background
The Focus Funhouse users-three 279 49

If youโ€™re looking for a improvement discord server for competitive and casual players or even just the perfect community then this is for you! What does the server offer? - Regular scrims (coming soon) - Regular creative matches and tournaments - Regular giveaways for various things - Level 1 nitro perks - A friendly community and much more What are we looking for? - Nitro boosters - Active members - Scrim hosts - Moderators Link in bio

Valorant NA background
Valorant NA users-three 259 66 1 Boosts 1 Boosts

A new server aiming to build a community for NA Valorant players

Lost Ark Adrinne background
Lost Ark Adrinne users-three 1110 602 15 Boosts 15 Boosts

Community server for NA East - Adrinne for Lost Ark

Nameless Esports background
Nameless Esports users-three 131 46 2 Boosts 2 Boosts

We are a community-driven Esports organization that was created for the community by passionate gamers and friends.