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Lumora University; a prestigious and esteemed school for the otherworldly. Located in a realm separate from ours, students at the facility are welcome to practice their powers and abilities in peace from the mortal world.


For the past couple hundred years, the school was under the administration of Merellien Heryra, an elf who has seen enough to grow wise beyond their years. Lumora thrived under their administration, although some may disagree as the Headmaster advocated for mortal and mythical unity. But now... Headmaster Heryra has left suddenly. A new Headmaster has taken their place in their absence, but the school has taken on a darker form. Recently, Headmistress Blackwood sought out just under three hundred students that she could use to help aid her plans. Your character has received a letter in the mail, offering free tuition and transportation to Lumora's realm; promising an education that will help them "broaden and strengthen" their powers. However, many students have suspicions of Blackwood's sudden generosity. Who just gives 300 random students free tuition? Something sinister is happening at Lumora, and it needs to be figured out fast. Will this incoming class figure it out? Or will they fall victim to the Headmaster's plans? ❥ A small and upcoming roleplay server with active staff! ❥ LGBTQ+ friendly environment ❥ Detailed lore and story-line ❥ Many clues and events! ❥ In-server currency! ❥ Literary verification system! ❥ Avrae, Tupper, and custom bots!



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