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We offer free Valorant Coaching, by a professional coach for all of our members. All ranks welcome, feel free to come and participate and learn how to improve your gameplay.


I’ve been a full-time coach since 2014 in multiple titles. I’ve coached big names such as MakNooN, HuHi and ScreaM. Alongside countless other Players/teams all over EU and NA. As part of my pledge for mental health awareness I try to do this a every year To all Aspiring Analysts, Coaches and/or e-sport dreamers in general. If improving your gameplay isn’t your main goal, I’m happy to use the time to help you in a way that’d benefit you more! My only requirements : Positive attitude' Discord Headset/mic PC/Internet good enough to Screenshare Be eager to learn Occasionally update me on your progress ————————————— If you’re interested, fill out the application in my discord. You can also PM me at anytime! I always respond when I see them/get a chance to. - Magic



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