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Mystical・Social, Gws, & Pfps background
Mystical・Social, Gws, & Pfps users-three 4611 766 15 15

__**Mystical Community**__ Friendly, Giveaways, Chill, entertaiment, Social

FPS BR background
FPS BR users-three 14 9

Boas vindas ao FPS BR! Esse servidor foi feito no intuito de chamar atenção de jogadores brasileiros de FPS, entre e faça parte dessa comunidade. Caso tenha outros jogos em mente, aqui você também poderá!

The Ark background
The Ark users-three 117 51

Community who hosts Minecraft and SCP:SL servers with an active and engaging community. We also have channels for things besides gaming such as giveaways, discord events, writing, and etc. Looking for active members and staff to help us grow!

Lichi Community + Tweaks background
Lichi Community + Tweaks users-three 1521 253 16 16

Best Community + Tweaker server ! Struggling With Fps ? This server will treat you right ! Looking for a Non Toxic Enviorement ? This Server Will Treat You Right ! Be Part Of the community Now !!!

Soldier of Fortune 2 active community. Mods, maps and more available.

/e-date 🥀 •  ♡ nitro ♡ dating ♡ robux background
/e-date 🥀 •  ♡ nitro ♡ dating ♡ robux users-three 2731 91 15 15

💕E-Girls & Eboys 🎉 Daily Nitro Giveaways 🥵 Edating 🔊 Active VCs 💬 Active Chat 24/7 🎙#1 Social Server

✘. background
✘. users-three 130 40

We have a media channel for u to put any of ur social medias u wanna promote or servers (deleted if u leave), We have self roles matching pfps a birthday channel fun server members Add ur friends and make some new ones the goal is for it to be a big gc ☺️ Have fun !!!

Stover Server. background
Stover Server. users-three 691 96 7 7

Stover avatar here u can find a love of avatars u like

BattleTavern background
BattleTavern users-three 22 8

Get ready for an epic gaming experience! Welcome to the BattleTavern Discord server - where PC and cross-platform gamers come together to have a blast! Our goal is to create a safe and fun community for all. With your help, we can grow the server and make it an even better place to hang out. Invite your friends and family and let's play a variety of games, including FPS and open-world titles. This is the perfect spot to play games, share cool photos, music and most importantly, hav

Glitter ; social ; icons/banners ; giveaways background
Glitter ; social ; icons/banners ; giveaways users-three 153 41 11 11

We do giveaways! Usually 10$ Nitro never the cheap stuff. Mostly a pfp server though so no need to be active as long as you use the pfps.

💙 Chill Lounge 💙 background
💙 Chill Lounge 💙 users-three 16 7

Hello! This is a brand new server! It includes gif pfps, banners, normal pfps, self promo, and it is blue themed!

gaia⭒ WIP | decor background
gaia⭒ WIP | decor users-three 16 11

- SFW server - decor !! - simple layout ^^ - for pfps, banners and sets - dont be shy to talk !

★ . ʚ aftlivs , background
★ . ʚ aftlivs , users-three 39 28

honestly this server is for anyone who feels like they want to join and meet new people, you can meet friends get new pfps or anything like photo related. this server isn’t nsfw such as nothing explicit since some people are uncomfortable w that or even having a channel that refers to nsfw

capixz tweaks⭒🌴 background
capixz tweaks⭒🌴 users-three 84 42

This server contain Shop tweaks Fbs boost increase Make friends Vc Giveaways

Magic's Students background
Magic's Students users-three 2305 260 1 1

We offer free Valorant Coaching, by a professional coach for all of our members. All ranks welcome, feel free to come and participate and learn how to improve your gameplay.


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