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N E W G E N is a new social hangout for anyone wanting to chill. We have fun bots to enjoy as well as many level roles and cool benefits that come with higher levels. Events will be held during holidays that can earn you limited roles and prizes. We offer many channels to hangout in and/or talk with your friends.


Welcome to N E W G E N! You may ask what is the difference between this server and the many other servers like this. Well I hope to make this server more of a user guided server. Throughout your time here there will be events depending on holidays or fun activities. Now I want for this server to shift its themes according to these things. New roles can be suggested that people can earn. New temporary event channels can be added. Secret prizes can be earned. Many things that can turn a normal server into something you can interact with. Halloween is coming up. It'd be fun to theme the server around it. A complete overhaul of role colors and new event roles. Maybe we can have spooky movie night. Or play spooky games. Maybe have competitions that can win you certain prizes. I want this server to be something fun, something different rather than just any other server.



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