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Shadow Garden background
Shadow Garden users-three 2406 669 15 15

🏆 Daily Giveaways and free steam keys 🎉Active & Friendly gaming community that focuses on steam and other platforms 🎮 boost your steam account 🚀get notifications when PAID games become FREE for all platforms🎁 and much more..

Ace Community background
Ace Community users-three 45424 4937 21 21

We are a Blox fruits roblox community! We Have Planned Raids.(Cap) We Got Private servers tho. We Got Ponegliffs.

🌸 Chill, Positive & Friendly Community 🎁 Nitro Giveaways 🎉 Fun Events & Karaoke Nights ✨Cute emojis 💬 24/7 Active Chat 🌸

Gaming Stars background
Gaming Stars users-three 4165 1092

The Gaming Stars Discord server features a BOT that you can play bets against your own skill playing your favorite games. You can win prizes and earn money while doing so!

Discordo Nitropia background
Discordo Nitropia users-three 585 103 3 3

🎉 Get your Discord Nitro or Nitro Classic subscription for free! #giveaways ... This server is not just about "Discord Nitro", but it's also a community for Discord enthusiasts. Want to have a server for chill and stuff? Come join us here in Discordo Nitropia!

Secret Society background
Secret Society users-three 2162 357 20 20

We are a server with an aesthetic that mixes between cute pink styles and the infamous mafia! Come join and meet new people from around the world, participate in events and contests, and play games with us!

Dreamers Den background
Dreamers Den users-three 67 21

Make Friends! Have Laughs! Fiddle With Bots! And Have Fun! Welcome To Dreamers Den!

Cookies Homeland background
Cookies Homeland users-three 581 83

Join our server to get netflix cookies (hourly updating)

Lounge background
Lounge users-three 63342 15129 46 46

💕 Chill Server 🎁 250$+ Nitro Giveaways ⭐ 500 BEST emotes 🏮 Anime 🌎 Social 💬 Active - Meet New People! 🎲 Fun Bots 😂 Memes 🎮 Gaming \\ discord.gg/lounge

💬🔊 An extremely active 550,000+ members server! Tons of E-Girls & E-boys, 400-500 Users always in VC, 24/7 chatters & giveaways. Over 500 emotes + FUN custom-bot with the best features. Join us now!

Safe Space🚀 background
Safe Space🚀 users-three 344 96 14 14

We are a 2 in 1 Server `Community & Gaming`, Easiest and fastest way to make some friends and play some games!

Galactica background
Galactica users-three 480 64 14 14

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 USA - CANADA - AUSTRALIA FOOD AVAILABLE 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 Multi-Service Server -Discounted Food🧁🍔 ~ Lodging 🏩 and Events🎢 Active Giveaways for Services or Cash💵 Prizes!

💖#1 Vibe Server ✨ 500 Best Emotes 🎉 Discord Nitro Giveaways🍧Anime 🎮 Gaming 💭 Social 🏆Events 🤩 Fun 🔊 Active Chats ╭ We are a community aimed at uniting anime fans. Join us as we carve a place on the internet fellow fans to make new friendships, discuss your | thoughts/favorite anime, and get your game on. | ╰ ┄ ┄ ୨What we have here?୧┄ ┄➤

RBLXWRLD background
RBLXWRLD users-three 4511 425 18 18

Advertise your Discord / ROBLOX group, buy / sell items, trade with other players, find other players to play with, check out game reviews, or EARN ROBUX. Join the community today! YouTube owned, giveaways weekly, anime, minecraft

Bigbarrell Friends Fans and Family background
Bigbarrell Friends Fans and Family users-three 1220 24


Ghost Town 18+ background
Ghost Town 18+ users-three 663 121 18 18

18+ Brand New Community server! Feel free to chat, find new hobbies, new gaming partners, or more. We love friendly faces and we're pretty new, so feel right at home

• Mikey's Chillzone background
• Mikey's Chillzone users-three 911 159 19 19

~~~~~~~~Fun place to meet new people and chat. Vent hang whatever. ~~~~~~~~

HAKUMO background
HAKUMO users-three 12971 2692 40 40

Если ты искал общение, тебе к нам!💕 You were looking for communication - you to us Hakumo❤️

Dreamy tranquil background
Dreamy tranquil users-three 17 5

*Introducing 💌 ₊˚ ☁️: ✦・**Dreamy tranquil**︶꒷꒦ !** ┊┊┊ ┊ 🩹┊┊┊┊ ───*ೃ:.✧✲゚*。⋆─── ↳ ͙₊˚Dont wanna join? * *Here's what we offer!* ───*ೃ:.✧✲゚*。⋆─── .· * **a brand new community + sfw** • ˚ 🍰 🏩 : · • **softcore** ♡﹕🎹﹢**stories ,playlist ,counting**﹒⪩⪨﹒ ☆ **lots of fun bots!**˚ : · 🥛 ꒰ 🩰 ꒱ ♡ **pfp & banners ,sets ** ༘° •. **super kind

Phantom Realm background
Phantom Realm users-three 186 48

Seeking a place to find people to talk with and play games together ? then you are in the right place. this server is made for everyone to hang out at , play games , watch movies , etc  we have a very diverse member list and we are open

Infinite Advertising background
Infinite Advertising users-three 11354 1681 17 17

We provide free unlimited advertising for different category: discord server, social media and more.

AMZ Freebies background
AMZ Freebies users-three 197 24

Amazon free products in exchange of five star reviews, feedback, rating and as giveaways. On amazon make & save money. In this server you can grab a lots of amazon free items. User's grab any items for free. Thousands free products available on my site, Resell these items "or" you can use for home, office & in daily life. Do not LEFT this will prove awesome later. Join here right NOW!

The best Pokétwo community — Events, Gambling, Shinyhunt Pings, Gyms, Rewards, Incenses and Giveaways!

˗ˏˋE-Girls (30,000+ Members) ´ˎ˗ We are an extremely active social server with lots of E-Girls and E-Boys, 24/7 Active VCs and Chats, Daily Giveaways and Nitro Events, 500+ Amazing Emojis + Emotes and Much More! Join today, you wont regret it! ♡

JOIN FOR JOIN 🍀🍀 background
JOIN FOR JOIN 🍀🍀 users-three 33066 2561 27 27

🍀 #1 Most Active J4J Server 💎 500 Best Emotes 🎁 Nitro Giveaways 🍀 No bots, Scammer, Leavers 🌈 Grow Your Server Fast

🥀﹒Benevolent!RT1k background
🥀﹒Benevolent!RT1k users-three 1008 229 30 30

🌹︲gg/benevolent is a social red aesthetic themed server with more than 700 members, we have lots of emotes and we also do events & giveaways we are chill & laid back community across worldwide feel free to join and chat with us we're really nice.

Sakuria is a community server with memes, anime, cool emotes, chill chats and many other things! Come join us, to socialize and have fun. Enjoy!

Sowlan / Recrute Staff Rémunéré / Partenariats background
Sowlan / Recrute Staff Rémunéré / Partenariats users-three 274 84 7 7

NOUVEAUTÉS 🪄 Deux guildes sont présentes sur le serveur discord (Gryffondor & Serpentard). Pour faire gagner votre maison il vous suffit d'être le plus actif possible sur le serveur. 🏆Un classement est disponible avec à la fin de chaque mois une récompense pour la meilleure maison. 🎰 Une économie et un casino

GMOD YanktonCanyon Community background
GMOD YanktonCanyon Community users-three 38 24

Come to our GMOD YanktonCanyon server and join it :D - Friendly Server - (looking to play) GMOD - Giveaways - Memes - Gmod - Talking Ben - Music We will be very happy if you join us :) Have Fun !

Alpha Elite background
Alpha Elite users-three 822 96 15 15

Our mission is to create a safe environment for Gamers. We wanted to give our members a place of their own where they can be themselves around like-minded people who understand them the most