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A technology community server with a variety of fandoms and topics. You can discuss technology, development, bots, gaming, memes, anime, and more! Selfroles, starboard, activity roles, polls, and events are available!


Tech & Fandom Lab v2 is a technology community server with a variety of fandoms and topics to discuss. We focus on: - 📱 Technology. We go in-depth on artificial intelligence, robots, gadgets, and other techy stuff. - 📔 Development. We are involved in coding and projects. - 🤖 Bots. We can help you with any Discord bot problems or strategies. We have a huge selection of bots, including Dank Memer, Yggdrasil, and bots with economies. - 🎮 Gaming. Show your gamer self! Fandoms and topics we discuss span from memes, anime, and images to futurism, trippy, pixel art, and music. We make the server fun with: - 🔥 Self-roles. Just react to get easy color roles and other self-roles! - ⭐ Starboard. Don't have time to read through all the messages? Just look at the starboard for featured messages! - 🆙 Leveling. We have activity roles that make you stand out! - 📊 Polls. You can vote in server polls to express your thoughts! - ✨ Special channels. We have unique channels for counting with images, memories, and more! - 🗓️ Events. We have exciting limited-time events! - 🌱 Advertising. Promote your Discord server or media! - 🔀 Test rooms. We have random test rooms for fun! Join now for an incredible experience!



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