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A community to help small streamers grow and strive to be the best, but also show your competitive mindset


Hello, Are you in search of a community that wants to see other small streamers strive to be the best, but also relax and show off your competitiveness. Then don’t look any further NHG Esports is your spot to be! We Have: ⭐️ Role Reactions ⭐️ Chatting Rooms ⭐️ Free Scrims and Tournaments That we Hold for Money ⭐️ A Promotion Area ⭐️ Looking for Group ⭐️ Cheap Paid Promotions ⭐️ An open door Policy Ticket System Come enjoy the experience of an upcoming Esports team in the making. Supporting us means so much to us and we will do our best to make it up to you



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