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Crazy Good Coffee Time background
Crazy Good Coffee Time users-three 55 11 2 2

Super chill, no toxicity, no pressure for activeness, just have some fun and sip a lil Coffee, while you're at it. :)

Welcome to β‚ŠΛšβŠΉβ™‘π’πšπœπœπ‘πšπ«π’π§πž πŽπ›π¬πžπ¬π¬π’π¨π§! This is a 16+ SFW yandere/darling based server. Here you can meet other people who relate to the term and become friends!

SHINS 18+ | Hangout | Dating | Gaming background
SHINS 18+ | Hangout | Dating | Gaming users-three 90 35 12 12

✯ SHINS 18+ is a freshly created community server whereby it focuses on social, hangout, gaming, making friends and even find your soulmate. Here verification IS optional. So feel free to join and grow the server.

✦ . SFW/non-toxic ✦ . emojis, emotes, stickers, ✦ . boosted perks ✦ . aesthetic black space theme ✦ . friendly staff/active owner ✦ . gaming, vc's, events, ✦ . simple set-up ✦ . personalized roles

The Sound Dispensary (21+) background
The Sound Dispensary (21+) users-three 43 24 2 2

Welcome to The Sound Dispensary We are a 21+ ID verified Music server which offers a multitude of activities. Who We Are We are a small group of music enthusiasts who also enjoy talking and smoking the jazz cabbage.

Cloud Community background
Cloud Community users-three 62 23

This community is for people who enjoy video games and people who want to make new friends. We have lots of features, such as: ✦ Fun bots to mess around with. ✧ Lenient and fair rules. ✦ No toxicity. ✧ A friendly community. ✦ Much more.

β˜†. Ariverse (Twilight2) background
β˜†. Ariverse (Twilight2) users-three 54 28 2 2

This server is completely safe for -13, don't be afraid to join! β €

༘ ΰ­¨ Hanamura ΰ­§ Λ–* ೃ࿔ background
༘ ΰ­¨ Hanamura ΰ­§ Λ–* ೃ࿔ users-three 42 14 4 4

γƒ»ΰ­¨γƒ»β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆγƒ»ΰ­¨ ✦ ΰ­§γƒ»β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆγƒ»ΰ­§γƒ» Welcome! We are a SFW/Nontox discord server here to help others make more Overwatch friends! We offer many things and would love to have you here

Little Cuties Daycare background
Little Cuties Daycare users-three 55 27 2 2

A new sfw Agere server! All are welcome. We are looking to grow as a community. Partnerships are open as well as staff apps

🐼Toby's House Rp S.1🏑 background
🐼Toby's House Rp S.1🏑 users-three 13 12

Join the brand new roleplaying server where you can be any character that you want along their backstories. A place of freedom where is democracy and not too strict.

* ΰ©ˆβœ©β€§β‚ŠΛšNight City ೃ༄ background
* ΰ©ˆβœ©β€§β‚ŠΛšNight City ೃ༄ users-three 166 25 2 2

➻β₯Welcome to Night City! We are a make friends anime community with people from all over the world! Read bellow for what we offer! ΰ³ƒβ€βž·

FUCKED UP LOVE!! background
FUCKED UP LOVE!! users-three 74 34

Join this server fools don’t be shy it’s a chill sever for 16+

☾ hedgies ☽ background
☾ hedgies ☽ users-three 49 18

neurodivergent and lgbtq+ safe space and book club :3

βœΏβ™‘ nostalgic roses β™‘βœΏ background
βœΏβ™‘ nostalgic roses β™‘βœΏ users-three 55 35

A cute, aesthetic & simple server with a variety of things ranging from tickets - fun ARs with Mimu! We have an understanding & kind staff committee.

underdogs background
underdogs users-three 44 16

Discover Underdogs: Your hub to chat, chill, and forge bonds. Embrace engaging conversations and a warm community that welcomes you!


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