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Digital Leadership Center background
Digital Leadership Center users-three 26 10

Digital Leadership Center is a server dedicated to online moderation in communities of all shapes and sizes. We aim to provide a space for moderators and administrators to learn, discuss, and find community. (16+)

Middle Ground background
Middle Ground users-three 268 39 5 5

Middle Ground - Welcome to MG | Social • Drinking • Hangout! Come on in and meet some new friends! 18+ / SFW / Chill discordhome.com/servers/middleground

Planet Floof background
Planet Floof users-three 5964 1737 134 134

Heyo! 💗 Join us and have some fun! We are an LGBT-friendly SFW Furry server! Our small community is looking for heartwarming souls to fill the space!

💜 Hangoutˎˊ・E-girls ・VC background
💜 Hangoutˎˊ・E-girls ・VC users-three 20752 1428 76 76

﹒♡ 𓂅 Hangout ⁽ 💋⁾﹒aes & edgy layout ⸝⸝ ⁽ 💕⁾﹒active chat & vc ⸝⸝ ⁽ 🍒⁾﹒egirls & eboys ⸝⸝ ⁽ 💔⁾﹒events & giveaways ⸝⸝ ───────────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦

Cozy Cabin 18+SFW background
Cozy Cabin 18+SFW users-three 59 28

We are a new server! Members are 18+ and we are SFW. If you are looking for a friendly server to hang out in and maybe find partners to be with, game with, or just build a friendship with, we hope to have you join our community!

21stCentryDojo background
21stCentryDojo users-three 2499 544 14 14

A regular server with regular people doing irregular things. A decent place to promote exceptional stuff as well. 🌙 Occasional Nitro and Game Giveaways. 🌙 Promote Your Content. (Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Art, etc) 🌙 eGirls and eBoys 🌙 Post Memes and Selfies. 🌙 500 Emotes and 50+ Stickers. 🌙 15+ Voice Channels 🌕 Discord.gg/ideot

babes ♡ social﹐pfps﹐icons background
babes ♡ social﹐pfps﹐icons users-three 26209 2454 28 28

_ _ ♡ _ _ **stox**﹒`icn`﹒**mnml** ||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​

Multicultural Social Club background
Multicultural Social Club users-three 175 48 4 4

✦ ┊ ✧ Welcome to the Multicultural Social Club! ✧ ┊ ✦ ・୨・┈・୨୧・┈・୧・┈・୨・┈・୨୧・┈・୧・ Want a friend or a best friend? Join the Multicultural Social Club to not be lonely and have

1996 N Heartbreak Ave. background
1996 N Heartbreak Ave. users-three 1810 191 14 14

Adult-only server where we discuss daily issues. Love, relationships, sadness, heartbreaks, and other things.

all over the place (sfw and nsfw server) background
all over the place (sfw and nsfw server) users-three 571 95 4 4

This server is for people who are looking for something different. Enjoy the sfw section or if you wanna get naughty then there’s also the nfsw bit as well. 18+

// My little server // background
// My little server // users-three 28 17

we wish you a warm welcome in our server with our a moderating team that will help you with anything when you want the help you need, Thank you for choosing our server. come meet new people and have fun with us with games and show off your art and many more, Events, custom roles and awards. we respect everyone and we don't condone discrimination as once again we as a community will keep you safe and welcome. come and hang out with us and haaaaave fun ❝ pony. Out ❞ 🌸 sf

🌈 Regression Rainbow background
🌈 Regression Rainbow users-three 906 170 18 18

A 100% SFW age regression server, run by adults for the community's safety!

Trilobite Hub background
Trilobite Hub users-three 36 14

🦤 Trilobite Hub is a SFW social club for people 18+. Hang out with people in both video/voice calls in a platonic and friendly environment! 😎 Join a server that feels more like 🌳 "a refreshing walk in the park with your friends!" and less like the Thunderdome ⚒ ⚔

https://discord.gg/92Y8fDpdFN Taste is a 18+ server only, have fun, hangout and earn rewards, meet new people

A server for submissive who love to be collared - Safe verifications - 18+ only - Fun - BDSM Friendly - All welcome

https://discord.gg/7yz3GztBmg Welcome to Desire Dating 18+ where you can meet new people and socialize, earn rewards and much more

Hangout and socialize in a calm relaxing server and earn rewards with a custom bot by doing so!

https://discord.gg/Py636nP4gk Welcome to Diamond Dating 18+ where you can meet new people and socialize, earn rewards and much more

Discord.gg/bold is a chill social server for adults who are over the age of 18+ - Discover the best nsfw discord, porn & nudes and find more on a top 100,000 fan site in the USA. Anime, gaming, friends, adult, porn, nudes, discord, chat, social, nsfw

Amicitia background
Amicitia users-three 321 45 13 13

Amicitia est un serveur réservé aux majeurs où tu peux discuter amicalement dans la bonne humeur sans prise de tête. Tu es au bon endroit si tu souhaites discuter à long terme, nous sommes une communauté soudée et bienveillante.

Friends Planet background
Friends Planet users-three 62 21 5 5

Friends planet is a server where you can have friendly conversations with respectful people. You are in the right place if you want to talk in the long term, we are a united and caring community. No membership granted to minors under 18

Be Better background
Be Better users-three 1951 276 10 10

Looking for new friends that support you? A safe space where you can socialize and just be yourself. Encourage others to be a better person or help them with mental health!

𝒫𝑒𝑜𝓃𝓎 background
𝒫𝑒𝑜𝓃𝓎 users-three 299 67 17 17

·18+ only Server (no minors allowed) ·Semi active ·not an edating server ·Simple rules and friendly staff

The Femboy Kingdom 2 background
The Femboy Kingdom 2 users-three 312 58 2 2

A sfw server for Femboys, furries and people in the LGBTQ

` 𝘔𝘐𝘕𝘋𝘚𝘊𝘈𝘗𝘌  +*!🖤 background
` 𝘔𝘐𝘕𝘋𝘚𝘊𝘈𝘗𝘌  +*!🖤 users-three 173 84 6 6

About Us We are a community with a aesthetic theme, we talk about anything & everything in this server. Come and find the best people to befriend! Everyone is welcome come join and say hi! The happiness and well being of all our members is our first priority! where you can talk share ideas and express yourself with out judgement! Make sure to check out all channels and follow the rules! We want to grow a fun and active environment where everyone can make new friend’s.

Free Games Notifier™ background
Free Games Notifier™ users-three 8425 1046 16 16

Free Games Notifier™ is Notifying YOU When Paid Games Become FREE to Claim for a Limited Time. We also have Announcement Channels, Reddit Game Deals, and we make Weekly Giveaways. 🎁🕹️🎮🎃⌚📅📢🌠✨🎨🚀🔴🆕🔨

Moonlight Mental Health Community background
Moonlight Mental Health Community users-three 13 7

Hello! Welcome to our server description! Here we have wellness channels, open venting rooms, and a cheerful staff team! We have active chats, amazing people, blah blah blah...You'll have to join to see all the perks!

Anime Central background
Anime Central users-three 5350 889

⸝⸝ 🎸 ˚ ₊ 𐑂 Fun and great bots ! ଓ ︵⌗ 🍱 ˚ ₊ 𐑂 Lots of anime news ! ଓ Welcome to our great wholesome anime server we got all you need fun bots and great anime news. We a nice safe for work everything anime related server.

Sadness (18+)。° background
Sadness (18+)。° users-three 405 104 15 15

An adult-only server that exists as a safe haven for people who are lonely, depressed, or struggling in some way to chat about their lives and make friends. Here you will find self-roles to spice up your profile and channels to chat, discuss serious topics, send photos and more.

Fluffy Abyss [Furry] background
Fluffy Abyss [Furry] users-three 37258 12898 173 173

Hello new friend! You made it to the Fluffy Abyss. Explore this friendly community and join the adventure through the abyss! ❤️Chill drama-free 100% SFW only server 🧡500 cute/furry theme emojis 💛Server lore that you can uncover by leveling up 💚Art section to showcase your lovely art & advertise 💙Anti-raider system to ensure server safety 💜A Unique Experience 🤎Lots of giveaways 🖤Ton of customizable roles 🤍Organized Channels Come explore the secret