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Chronically Iconic Chronically Iconic
">Support Server 60
Gaming Disability Chronic Illness Raffles
Chronic Illness/Disability Servers

We are a small, hybrid gaming/support server that caters to those with chronic illness, disabilities and mental illness. We are still in our first few months, and are working on growth. We are looking for partner servers

-No "toxic" servers -Our communities must overlap

Compassionate Difference Compassionate Difference
">Support Server 276
Vent Active LGBTQ Mentalhealth
Compassionate Difference

• lgbtq+ friendly • SFW only • 100+ real life members • Accepting of DID/OSDD systems (including littles) • Over all a mental health server • We personally try to refrain from @/everyone and @/here

LGBTQ accepting SFW No memeber req Welcoming

NA┃ Advertising NA┃ Advertising
">Support Server 2119
English German Advertising Community Meme
We Look new Partners

We are an advertising server of various discord servers and social media channels and more helps to get more member/followers

Follow the ToS, have 10 human members

- local #rvpm - local #rvpm
">Support Server 27
Demiboy Demigirl Transgender Non binary LGBTQ
transgender, demiboy, demigirl, nobinry

looking for transgender, demiboy, demigirl, nobinry, lgbtq+ servers to partner with

any member limit, must be lgbtq+ friendly.