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Galaxy Advertising Galaxy Advertising Other 64 Other 64
Giveaway Nitro
Grand Giving partner

This is for people who want to grow their server and others! DM the modmail bot to partner in our server!

No NSFW No rep4rep

𝄞 jazzy irlz 𝄞 𝄞 jazzy irlz 𝄞 Other 45 Other 45
Irl Psychosis LGBTQ Mentalhealth Venting
Looking for Partners!!

• lgbtq+ friendly • SFW only • accepting of psychotics and systems • anti endo systems • blacklist and vent channels • no doubles list • takes emoji and list reqs

- lgbtq accepting - do not support endo systems

✞Christian rights Community✞ ✞Christian rights Community✞ Other 20 Other 20
Christian God Religious Religion Christ
Hi, we need Partners Come join us :D

We really need partners we support every religion too hope you have fun here please don't leave and please be nice and don't bully here Thanks :D

Must have 2 humans

example server for new members example server for new members Other 26 Other 26
Example Discord

Example Server For the New discord users. Share this to new discord users.

Need To Be Level 5

A Random Community Server A Random Community Server Other 50 Other 50
Kinda cool Pls join ha Bruh moment Pls join I wan nitro
partner server for m4ticsss and others.

so i want people that follows the partner requirements please ok thanks bro 0-0.

1. Must have 10 members or higher and NOT NSFW

Novel Politics Novel Politics Other 161 Other 161
Politics Political Debates Politic Parties
Novel Politics

We are a fun little politics server looking to grow

20 members and not a NSFW server

Dbot™ Support Dbot™ Support Other 546 Other 546
Public Bot Giveaways
Looking for Partners!

Lemon has 245 Members and it's still growing today.

50+ Members English/Dutch Main Language SFW

Minecraft pixel art Minecraft pixel art Other 30 Other 30
Minecraft Pixelart Art
Normal partners

Come join my server about Art 🖌️you can make any type of art 🖐️Friendly people

More than 2 real people usely online

Discord For Christ Discord For Christ Other 976 Other 976
Christian Friends Religion
Looking for Christian server partners!

Hello, DFC is a community Christian server. You most certainly don't have to be Christian to join the server.

Christian server 20+ members No expired links

hanee's server hanee's server Other 17 Other 17
Writing Reading Art Community Chatting
Server Partnerships

I am just looking for a server partner with who we can parnter, help each other with each other servers and become friends!

must be a server for writing, reading, art