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Greetings Adventurers to Gathering Dawn! Come on in for a moment of respite or jump right in amongst our ranks to challenge the many dangers within the Continent of Arkadia and pursue your goals! Though as a word of caution, beware the danger that lies ahead for it may not be as straightforward as it seems as dark forces sew their influence into the world. Now, Will you join your fellow Adventurers and stand against the rising tide or break away in fear, Traveler?


Welcome to Gathering Dawn. The largest home to adventurers from all across the continent of Arkadia. Have you come seeking glory? Perhaps you desire to change the world? Or are you someone looking to get a change of scenery? Whatever your reason, the guild welcomes everyone within its halls. Be wary, joining the guild makes you a target. For there are dark forces at work across the continent sowing seeds of discord and strife. The guild is a beacon amidst the darkness that threatens to swallow Arkadia whole. Will you join your fellow adventurers and stand against the rising tide? ==What We Offer!== - A friendly and active staff team that is down to help. - A semi-lit to literate story driven rp with multiple arcs. - Decent amount of lore to help one get started in the world and a basic sheet. - A ranking system to steadily progress your character and grow stronger as the story carries on. - Creative freedom on creating your character as long as they fit into the verse. Meaning both canon characters and OCs are allowed. - Character development and involvement! - Unique boons and banes depending on the race of your character. - Race list, with the freedom to make your own race. - A unique 1920s Dark Fantasy hybrid setting. - A 16+ atmosphere. - A slower paced response time. Most of our members are in school or working. Now traveler, if you wish to trek and make a name for yourself, come on down to Gathering Dawn. 🔗 🔗 Image credit:



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