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The Ruins of Ellypsium background
The Ruins of Ellypsium users-three 17 14 2 2

Two moons shine upon the land of Ellypsium, a place of dragons and mythical beasts nearly brought to complete destruction by an ancient god now lost to time. Will you forge your path here?

ASOIAF: Dreams of Eld background
ASOIAF: Dreams of Eld users-three 33 18 16 16

A roleplay server set in place of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire world. We are focused on collaborative writing and immersive storytelling!

The World of Nibel background
The World of Nibel users-three 36 22 9 9

Embark on an enchanting journey set in a magical jungle brimming with mystery and steeped in deep lore. Unveil hidden secrets, craft captivating stories, and forge lasting friendships.

A mature, 17+, literate to novella roleplay looking for dedicated and talented storytellers interested in creating an intruiging, fun story!

π™π™šπ™¨π™žπ™™π™ͺπ™š background
π™π™šπ™¨π™žπ™™π™ͺπ™š users-three 54 26 3 3

[16+] - [Experienced Roleplayers] Residue, what remains after the removal of what makes the world whole.

𖀐 spn prompts background
𖀐 spn prompts users-three 9 7

πœ—π“² No NSFW πœ—π“² 15+ πœ—π“² Literate + Novella RP ONLY πœ—π“² Doubles of characters allowed πœ—π“² OCs allowed

Twilight Wings Expansion: Festival of Stars background
Twilight Wings Expansion: Festival of Stars users-three 22 11

Your character mysteriously finds themselves attending the Festival of Stars within the Galar Region.

Hisuian Snow Expansion: Two Hues background
Hisuian Snow Expansion: Two Hues users-three 15 9

Hisuian Snow Expansion: Two Hues follows the stories and folktales surrounding the Ancient areas of Pokemon. With locations ranging from Ancient Hisui all the way to ancient Orre.

🌟 π–π„π‹π‚πŽπŒπ„ π“πŽ πŒπ‡π€: π™π„π‘πŽ π“πŽ π‡π„π‘πŽ! 🌟 Follow and be part of the story of Japan’s future heroes getting ready for their big entrance exam day! Join before the big day!!!

Marvel Heroe’s Of Tomorrow background
Marvel Heroe’s Of Tomorrow users-three 42 19 7 7

Marvel hero’s of tomorrow is a Story Driven Literate Marvel RP.

Arkadian Chronicles background
Arkadian Chronicles users-three 85 28 10 10

Greetings Adventurers to Gathering Dawn! Come on in for a moment of respite or jump right in amongst our ranks to challenge the many dangers within the Continent of Arkadia and pursue your goals! Though as a word of caution, beware the danger that lies ahead for it may not be as straightforward as it seems as dark forces sew their influence into the world. Now, Will you join your fellow Adventurers and stand against the rising tide or break away in fear, Traveler?

PokΓ©Sanctuary | 18+ RP & Chill background
PokΓ©Sanctuary | 18+ RP & Chill users-three 4 4

Welcome, I couldn't find a decent server that was for adults that wasn't just a ERP or Porn server, so I made one that will keep a SFW atmosphere with optional roles that allow you to access NSFW areas of the server.

Aion'clast: Dungeon-punk RP background
Aion'clast: Dungeon-punk RP users-three 17 8

Aion'clast is an original setting made to fit the scope of the dungeon-punk genre, which can be loosely described as sci-fi with high fantasy. We have in deep character creation, detailed lore, missions, planned story content, and open GM'd content.

Glitch in the Wireframe [RP] background
Glitch in the Wireframe [RP] users-three 37 26

The world of Daymei, where logic for some reason doesn't apply, where new stories are to be told, where there are mysteries to be uncovered, where YOUR adventure is about to begin.

GODS AMONG US. background
GODS AMONG US. users-three 28 12

GODS AMONG US. Is a literate, superhero RP server, that is designed to provide an experience where everyone feells included


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