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Badass gang of stock market traders leading new average people to financial freedom. Education like no other and top tier alerts to help you break the chains from your 9 to 5 job.


Here at Aurora Trading, we are a new and revolutionary top-tier trading discord that fights to put financial freedom back into the hands of the average retail trader. We equip you with the tools and techniques required to create true and substantial wealth from the stock market. We offer: - Entry and exit alerts from a multitude of professional analysts covering crypto, equities, options, and OTC plays. - Live trading with the server owner and analysts EVERY DAY for live entries and exits with play walk-throughs. - Pre-scheduled frequent Live Lessons to enhance your trading education. - Access to exclusive Aurora AI for custom AI alerts, options flow, stock scanners, and stock predictions to give traders a new edge on the market. - Exclusive access to the owner's personal and frequently updated charts on a range on big caps which allows you guys to make your own ground breaking plays based on the technical analysis already included in the chart! - Access to current and incoming account growth challenges to provide step to step portfolio growth and profitable plays. - Access to the premium lounge for a more intimate and direct access to the owners and staff to assist you in your trading. - Weekly equity and options watchlists - And much more!



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