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Campus Town Trading background
Campus Town Trading users-three 12468 518 13 13

The #1 Discord Trading Server! ✅ Daily Live Trading ✅ Entries & Exits ✅ Educational Content ✅ Trading Analysis ✅ Mentors ✅ 24/7 Support ✅ Market News ✅ Trade with Experienced Analysts✅

Hacken background
Hacken users-three 15533 227 15 15

Hacken server = security tips, crypto discussions, active community and engaging activities. Powered by the $HAI token

AlertX background
AlertX users-three 569 34 1 1

🌎 Join The #1 Growing Trading Community Today 🆓 One Week Free Premium Membership 📈 Stock Alerts 📈 Option Alerts 📈 Swing Trade Alerts 📈 Crypto Alerts 🗣 Live Trade Alerts 📚 Trading Education

Paypal exhanger background
Paypal exhanger users-three 3027 505

**Welcome to ex-giftcard what we exhanger here we exhange any type of giftcard all over the word as Netflix, Google play etc! We got good rates as well !** **we also exhange ltc btc eth and PayPal!**

CoinTrack & Beyond background
CoinTrack & Beyond users-three 33 12 6 6

Votre source d'actualités blockchain. Restez informé des dernières tendances et innovations. Rejoignez-nous ! 🌐🔗

Whales Trading background
Whales Trading users-three 294 34 2 2

🚀 Le TOUT 1ER DISCORD DE FRANCE avec des tournois de trading et des classements de traders. 👨‍🎓 Plus de 50 formations de trading (Chartismes, Indicateurs, ICT...) sont regroupés sur ce discord en PDF et vidéo. 🆓 TOUT EST TOTALEMENT GRATUIT.

Great Options background
Great Options users-three 16317 160 14 14

Great Options Official discord server, where a wealth of possibilities opens up to us! Join now and earn money today, or advertise for free!

CryptoLeaks 💠 background
CryptoLeaks 💠 users-three 1567 225 14 14

🚀Copy the best trader of the moment. 🚀High-quality signals from some of the most reputable trader, in one place! Making money has never been easier!🚆

Albert’s Trading Alliance background
Albert’s Trading Alliance users-three 456 78 23 23

Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Options ALWAYS FREE No Gimmicks, No Trial Periods Daily Signals and Analysis from Humans and Bots. JOIN TODAY!

Ulices SH0P background
Ulices SH0P users-three 11 6

On this server you can buy some cr3dit cards and some PayPal acc0unts.

Eye of Unity background
Eye of Unity users-three 679 71

🔀 Play Trade Invest 🎪 VR & Game Art NFT Collections: 💎 🕹 #Discord: 🌐 https://discord.gg/4KeKwkqeeF 🛹 #Telegram: 📨 https://t.me/gameartnft 🚀 #Facebook: https://facebook.com/vfnfts 🪞 #Snapchat: 🧃 https://www.snapchat.com/add/kem323i 📹 #Tiktok: ⏰️ https://www.tiktok.com/@EyeOfUnity

💎Profit Hub💎 background
💎Profit Hub💎 users-three 546 37

💲The best server if you are interested in earning money online🤑

Castle Clans background
Castle Clans users-three 293 21 6 6

Castle Clans is a groundbreaking NFT game that transports players into a rich, immersive medieval world. Here, each player is the master of their own fate, crafting their unique journey through strategic gameplay, dynamic castle management, and meaningful interactions with citizens. https://disc.castleclans.com

Muscle's Market background
Muscle's Market users-three 328 35 2 2

Welcome to the new Muscle's Market💯 Old server with over 60+ vouches and 600 members got baned Im looking for more people with a real hunger to make money if u think your are one of them, then waste no more time Join to learn about many great money making ways or buy from a legit seller @Muscle#4168

Trading University background
Trading University users-three 386 83

Access Forex, Crypto, and NFT signals, all completely FREE! Our community has a team of 12+ skilled analysts with 88% success rate. Join NOW!

The RWAX background
The RWAX users-three 29 9

A Decentralized Perpetual Exchange for Real-World Asset indexes. Trade AI, Wine, Cannabis, Venture Capital, SaaS and many other sectors w/ up to 50x leverage! Sign up for our Private Beta List!

COMEARTH HQ background
COMEARTH HQ users-three 28340 302 14 14

Creating a revolutionary experience for brands and creators to develop unparalleled experiences for consumers to discover.

PORTAL - OPTIMIZER users-three 11 6

Optimize your accounts? huh USA ONLY PORTAL is what I call it, where people can share their bank accounts like cash app (mainly) with international people to help them transfer money or run their business in the USA.

Stellar Cannacoin background
Stellar Cannacoin users-three 3333 394 6 6

The ultimate crypto for cannabis lovers... -Daily Airdrops -Staking Rewards -Seeds Giveaways -Contests & Games -Friendly Community

TradingHub background
TradingHub users-three 5762 268 16 16

We are One of the Fastest Growing Crypto, Forex, and Stocks Community (5.5K Members). What we provide : 📌 Stocks, Crypto, Forex Signals (Just copy our signals) 📌 50+ Signals and Trades Daily 📌 Airdrops, Whales Alerts, Breaking News, Crypto & Forex News, etc 📌 87%-93%+ WIN RATE / 2000-5000 PIPS Weekly⚡️ 📌 E-Books WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING IN ONE SERVER WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?!

TheTradingStore background
TheTradingStore users-three 10 4

Hello everyone. This server is made so that you can share your opinions, experiences, memes, strategies, and jokes about crypto and other markets but principally about crypto.

Trade Hub Stocks, Futures, & Crypto background
Trade Hub Stocks, Futures, & Crypto users-three 36024 2173 17 17

Everything stocks, futures forex, & crypto | Active trading community | Trade signals, alerts, & analysis | Trading & Investing Education |Trade Hub focuses on educating the newcomer, providing a social platform for the retail investor/trader, collaborative market analysis, and more. Regardless your experience level, new or veteran, your soon to be community is a pillar and central hub for all things investing and trading on the Discord platform.

Perfect Entry Trading background
Perfect Entry Trading users-three 23818 1469 16 16

At perfect entry we make profitable traders We have built our community since 2020 focusing on building the best possible environment for you to succeed in day trading and investing

SHEPE FIGHT CLUB users-three 4 3 15 15

Welcome to SHEPE Fight Club! 🥊 Dive in & pick sides! 🐕🐸

SYP Exchange/MM background
SYP Exchange/MM users-three 3485 30 15 15

SYP EXCHANGES Quick trusted payment exchanges money/crypto exchanges

Crypto Cartel Original background
Crypto Cartel Original users-three 20346 328

Crypto Signal Leaks. The Crypto Cartel has been in operation since 2017, providing a platform for traders to collaborate and share knowledge.

Finance School background
Finance School users-three 62 40

All things Finance. Economics, Business, Trading, Stock Markets, crypto, politics, banking, investing, news, etc.

Stephen Vineburg the Artist background
Stephen Vineburg the Artist users-three 461 31

Welcome to Stephen Vineburg discord server! This server is about Stephen Vineburg's life, his work, his movies, his Web3 stuff. Everyone is free to ask him any question they want.

Free Crypto VIP Signals background
Free Crypto VIP Signals users-three 6 5

Get 100+ crypto signals from all VIP groups for free!

CallPlaysCrypto background
CallPlaysCrypto users-three 39 8

Call plays Crypto is a crypto trading community for leverage trading alerts. We give you the buy in price and exit target so you can start making serious gains on your holdings.