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CryptoPremiums background
CryptoPremiums users-three 111 34

We provide crypto signals from the best groups in the world

X6 Group Live background
X6 Group Live users-three 2325 106 15 15

X6 is a team, dedicated group of traders with a track record unmatched delivering you the best information to make you money in the market.

RoTrade background
RoTrade users-three 1021 73

In all-in-one Roblox TRADING server. We provide GAME TRADING and LIMITED TRADING. Trade for your favorite games such as Adopt Me, Pet Simular, Murder Mystery 2, Blox Fruits & way more.

StockTitan.net background
StockTitan.net users-three 2096 93

StockTitan offers an ultra fast, stock market news live feed.

Scalper’s Support background
Scalper’s Support users-three 119 12

We are Scalper’s Support, a group to learn and talk about trading while also sharing premium signals.

babes ♡ social﹐pfps﹐icons background
babes ♡ social﹐pfps﹐icons users-three 24940 1267 28 28

_ _ ♡ _ _ **stox**﹒`icn`﹒**mnml** ||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​

PRODIGY TRADING users-three 8711 321 15 15

The ultimate Stocks and Options Trading Chatroom with the best Stock Alerts. Includes Stock Trading Alerts, Stock Watchlist, Stock scanners, Stock Algo bot Alerts. The best place to learn to trading penny stocks and make money! stock trading

Eclipse | Blox Fruit Trading background
Eclipse | Blox Fruit Trading users-three 21575 3226 26 26

Welcome to Eclipse. In this server, we provide an active trading channel to trade your items.

Pokemon Central background
Pokemon Central users-three 48 21

Welcome to the greatest pokemon server you will ever join We are a new server that for all type of pokemon fans that thrives for all generations to trade battle and explore new games join if you want to join a small community

PeHaTuK's Shop background
PeHaTuK's Shop users-three 339 38

Want an amazing server? We have Orange Values! -Best value list -Giveaways for Exclusives/Gems/Nitro/PayPal Money -Trading Servers -Help with Trading -👑 FREE VIP SERVER -I will be grateful for joining us!

Lune Trading background
Lune Trading users-three 6518 327

Lune Trading provides traders and investors of all experience levels with Premium TradingView Indicators, Algorithms, Strategies, Tools, and so much more for all markets and time frames.

Hay Day friends background
Hay Day friends users-three 453 51

We invite you to trade/sell/buy. You can ask for help with things you need for your boat/truck/town/valley. You can also look for a neighborhood(s). Also, you can make new Hay Day friends and add them in the game.

CryptoLeaks 💠 background
CryptoLeaks 💠 users-three 1922 159 16 16

🚀Copy the best trader of the moment. 🚀High-quality signals from some of the most reputable trader, in one place! Making money has never been easier!🚆

Crypto Hub background
Crypto Hub users-three 629 62 2 2

Crypto Hub is a space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general.

Adopt Me Plaza background
Adopt Me Plaza users-three 3493 302 4 4

One of the biggest Roblox trading servers for all games.

All Crypto Signals Leaks - 20$ background
All Crypto Signals Leaks - 20$ users-three 103 8

We provide crypto signals from the best groups in the world

Options Guru background
Options Guru users-three 4141 205 17 17

Options Guru is a FREE distinguished trading community! Turn $50 into $50,000 fast! The best plays in stocks, options, and crypto are alerted live by our experienced trading team.

CSGO Central background
CSGO Central users-three 7416 1320 11 11

⭐Trade your CSGO Skins with 7000 other members!⭐ ⭐Participate in Weekly Giveaways⭐ ⭐Find new teammates⭐ ⭐Chat with our Friendly Community⭐ ⭐5 Active Staff members⭐ ⏩Join now⏪ If you want to appeal a ban please contact Zorex#5752

Chart Trading 101 background
Chart Trading 101 users-three 41 14 7 7

This server is best for learning how to read price action, trade level to level and grow your overall knowledge on the market. Here we mainly trade SPY, QQQ, DIA and IWM, a pre-market update is posted before each session and level to level updates are posted throughout each trading day. A daily update/review of each trading session is provided to help stay up to date with the current price action, levels of support and resistance and what to look for in the following week.

Pokémon Center of Generations background
Pokémon Center of Generations users-three 467 81

The Discord server, where you can hang with others and play all generations of pokemon , battling and trading with people around the world.

CSGO Trade background
CSGO Trade users-three 112 24 42 42

The #1 CS:GO Trade Hub for Players, Traders, Investors, and Content Creators with awesome feature. Here you can buy, sell, or trade skins and make new friends at discord.gg/csgotrade

PRISMA SIGNALS ✨ background
PRISMA SIGNALS ✨ users-three 106 22 2 2

We offer premium channels with over 40+ signals and trades daily. Our services include spot and futures signals with no delay, crypto news, BTC updates, and accuracy of 85-90%. With our growing channel list, you can discover maximum value for money. Join us today to get access to all of these features!

FIFA TRADING background
FIFA TRADING users-three 23 8

Gratis FIFATRADING Tipps + Täglicher Content Bei VIP (€6.99) Monatlich, kriegt ihr weit aus mehr Tipps.

Hxll Lounge background
Hxll Lounge users-three 635 71


5 Invites = 1 Huge Jolly Penguin background
5 Invites = 1 Huge Jolly Penguin users-three 14255 753 6 6

This server is about Players finding other players to experience or play with, trade, and enter giveaways. We always keep an eye for players that can be potential Moderators and other Ranks!

Pet Central | Trading & Rewards background
Pet Central | Trading & Rewards users-three 22239 2539 100 100

This server is about Players finding other players to experience or play with, trade, and enter giveaways.

Investor’s University background
Investor’s University users-three 554 30 14 14

A free stock trading discord where we post daily alerts in three different channels! We post sports bets, options alerts, swing trades, watchlists, crypto, etc. Over $10k gains! FREE!

The Blue Ridge Caravan Co. background
The Blue Ridge Caravan Co. users-three 350 83 2 2

We do events, (PVE and PVP), we create special missions once you rank up enough. The mission boards that we have make it possible to earn points within the group for ranking up, multiple different types of goods are warehoused for BRC members to use. (Ammunition, and scrap are available once you reach a certain rank). This group will role play from time to time as well as announce nukes. We do just about everything! Partnership available! Come visit the Blue Ridge Office today!

Pip Surfing Society background
Pip Surfing Society users-three 1945 148 12 12

🗠 Forex, Crypto & investment group 🗠 - 😃 friendly and active members 😃 - 🧠 expand your knowledge with others 🧠 -💡Daily FREE crypto & Forex ideas💡 -🧑‍💼 FREE Mentor hosted lessons🧑‍💼 -🪙 FREE Crypto giveaways 🪙 - ⭕ Daily Live Trading Floor ⭕ - ⭕ watch our mentor trade 5days a week⭕ - 💸 follow & copy our mentors trades!💸 -🥇Full Mentorship education available🥇 -❓Regular FREE Q&As with our coaches❓ -📊 Educa

Parabolic Pennies background
Parabolic Pennies users-three 36 18

Your source for momentum breakouts. - Trading - Finance - Stocks - Day-Trading - Penny-Stocks - Options - Alerts - News