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The Culture War is BURNING and has left the Overworld devastated, society has collapsed but the war between Left and Right rages on! Do you have what it takes to survive against all odds and escape to the stars to begin anew?


Galactic 2E2G is a Minecraft multiplayer shooter game like no other... You wake up in a pod, it's now 2040, you are now living in a futuristic hellish and devastated Overworld torn down by wars between the Left Faction and the Right Faction, contaminated with pandemics that turn people into blood thirsty monsters and zombies, and full of futuristic interplanetary technology, the only means of escape. Nature and machines have blended into one, everybody is armed and resources are running low. Survive the zombie apocalypse, occupy abandoned cities, claim free kits of weapons, ammo, explosives and provisions, develop space travel technology and escape to other planets that can be colonized and turned into new societies. Game features an abandoned and gritty looking Overworld full of lost cities and mobs, including many types of parasites. Arm yourself with a whole selection of weaponry and dynamite that could blow up whole bases, gather the resources to build your rocket ship and travel to distant planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, the moons of Jupiter, the moons of Saturn, the moons of Uranus, Pluto, The Kuiper Belt along with other planets in whole other galaxies! To claim your basic weapons and explosives type in the chat box /kit basicpack. Guns, ammo and explosives claims are unlimited!



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