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DragonSevenUA background
DragonSevenUA users-three 174 62 1 1

DragonSeven це 3 Українських🇺🇦 Майнкрафт 1.19.4 сервери❗ У нас є Vanilla, Creative і Water. У нас добрі та адекватні гравці❗ На Water сервері можна дихати у воді, але якщо ти вийдеш з води, то тебе через 5 секунд почне бити повітря.

Everything Minecraft background
Everything Minecraft users-three 1391 229 14 14

Hey there! We are a Minecraft-based SFW community gaming server made to bring all Minecraft enthusiasts together into a friendly and interactive environment. Come along and join the fun!

Minecraft Grinders ⁜ Builders Hub background
Minecraft Grinders ⁜ Builders Hub users-three 926 119

- Showcase your awesome builds! 🧱 - Be part of an amazing active community! 🙋‍♂️ - Find teammates and hire grinders! 👀 - Partnerships for servers that meet the little requirements! 🤝 - Take part in fun events! 🎪

The Void background
The Void users-three 42930 3855 92 92

Enter The Void, a gaming community built on fun and excitement. We have tournaments with cash and prizes, ranks, responsibilities, game nights, social nights, and so much more. Do you want people to play with? Apply Today! Do you like to stream? Come on over! Are you good with making profile pics and banners? Can you design merch? Come on over! At The Void we can help you become what you want to be! We are growing everyday and need your help!

Anomaly background
Anomaly users-three 126 20 2 2

The Anomaly is a general pc gaming server/ Minecraft SMP | Java | 1.19.2|

Nations Smp background
Nations Smp users-three 352 52 1 1

Join are server and have fun. Talk about gaming and minecraft. Join are realm on bedrock where you can meet and play with new people. We have friendly mods and admins!!! Everyone is welcome this is also a community...

guilty background
guilty users-three 2474 267 26 26

Guilty is a community server that is a place for unique individuals to meet, express themselves, and to make friends. We host weekly events, such as movie night. ROBLOX MINECRAFT WELCOMED toxic

Imagination Station background
Imagination Station users-three 100 37 4 4

We Like To Have Fun, Be Weird, Play Games, Live Stream, and more!

SHOP - Roblox & Minecraft background
SHOP - Roblox & Minecraft users-three 11069 963 6 6

Roblox Limiteds - Buy & Sell For Real Money - We are a large and fast growing community of users that specialize in the transaction of roblox limiteds. Whether you are looking to obtain some or cash out your own look no further!

Clipstone background
Clipstone users-three 557 116 16 16

Clipst.one - Call Of Duty Servers Zombies and Multiplayer! 👪 Play with up to 8 people on each map. 🏆 Win events with cash prizes. ⚔️ Multiplayer servers. 💻 Discord Server. 🌳 Friendly.

The Booligans ;) background
The Booligans ;) users-three 248 47 10 10

Friendly Community Based Discord Server with a great community and lots of fun channels and features!

Messeji background
Messeji users-three 456 61 7 7

Messeji is a primarily 18+ LGBT community, we play games as well as host movie nights and other similar stuff. we aim to be very friendly and supportive of our friends new and old regardless of past or present.

E-Social Haven・🦋 background
E-Social Haven・🦋 users-three 84 41 9 9

E-Social Haven is a multi-purpose social community server made for Gamers, Artists, Music Makers, and people who are looking for new friends, We try to make this a SafeSpace to keep you guys safe!

Friends background
Friends users-three 452 76

🔥Looking for people to chat with? 🔥Looking for gamers? 🔥Looking for **Friends**? ✅Well.. this is the right server for you!✅

Florial Official background
Florial Official users-three 3427 517 14 14

♥ Loving Community ♥ Bots to play with ♥ Join our Minecraft server and become an Animal! ♥ Furs & Nonfurs welcome ♥ Many self-roles ♥ Movie nights, podcasts, more! ♥

YourSocialHub background
YourSocialHub users-three 2662 100 15 15

A diverse community. Friendly Chats, Events, Giveaways, Movie Nights, Music, And Gaming! There's something for everyone.

VanillaAnarchy.net background
VanillaAnarchy.net users-three 403 69 11 11

VanillaAnarchy.net ⚔️ [1.19+] ⚔️ No Hacks Vanilla Anarchy Survival

freakhosting.com background
freakhosting.com users-three 1133 319 14 14

FREAKHOSTING your best game hosting provider in Europe

Project Eclipse background
Project Eclipse users-three 183 52

Project Eclipse is a fun and active chatting Discord with tons of channels and giveaways!

BlueCraft background
BlueCraft users-three 140 33

The best Minecraft Discord for modded Minecraft with an amazing chat!

Blue Legion background
Blue Legion users-three 1445 213 18 18

Welcome to Blue Legion! We're a Discord based around Hypixel Skyblock with our own modded SMP and WAY too many giveaways! We also have TONS of amazing rewards and chats, including subscriber perks, leveling rewards, and our own YouTube and Discord server!

DNF 𝘥𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 background
DNF 𝘥𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 users-three 86 6

A simple, cute, aesthetic dating server! We just started out so give us time :) ♡.﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀.♡ .LoveSimp♡. ♡.﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀﹀.♡ A fun dating server, Find your love, meet many new people. Make friends with tons of people :) ❀━ Dating Server, or friendly community ❀━ Gᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴏᴅᴇʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ❀━ Mᴀɴʏ ғᴜɴ Dɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ ʙᴏᴛs

Hypixel Coins background
Hypixel Coins users-three 333 45 2 2

We have over 2 Years of experience!!! - OVER 100 VOUCHES - OVER 300 MEMMBERS - NO CHANCE TO GET BANNED ( We use a different delivery method than any other store) -WE ARE THE TOP MARKET IN OUR ZONE

Somewhat SMP background
Somewhat SMP users-three 43 20

Hello and welcome to the Somewhat SMP! We're friendly to new people and we can't wait for you to join us! We have a Minecraft server (you can see it from the name) which you can play in too. You don't have to play on our Minecraft server because just chatting with us in chat is enough. Join us and we promise you'll have fun!

Mikey's Chillzone background
Mikey's Chillzone users-three 848 132 1 1

~~~~~~~~Fun place to meet new people and chat. Vent hang whatever. ~~~~~~~~

Make Intros For Friends :) background
Make Intros For Friends :) users-three 4522 792 28 28

A server where you can simply make an intro and find a bunch of friends here!

PrideTuve | DE background
PrideTuve | DE users-three 122 40 7 7

LGBTQIA+ | Minecraft | Community - Wir sind ein Discord-Server auf dem es hauptsächlich um LGBTQIA+ geht. Wir wollen einen sicheren Discord-Server für alle aus der LGBTQIA+ Community garantieren. Wir sind auch dabei, einen Minecraft-Server aufzubauen und würden uns freuen, wenn du uns dabei unterstützen möchtest (Builder, Tester*in...)

UhSurvive | IX ⭐ background
UhSurvive | IX ⭐ users-three 1061 230 12 12

💙 • Giveaways and Payouts 💙 • Need Staff 💙 • Lifesteal Dupe & PvP 💙 • Join Now!

『Horizon Network』 background
『Horizon Network』 users-three 755 157 17 17

Horizon Network - A cross play Minecraft Network! We also provide things like Partnerships, and Dank memer. As well as a clean discord server.

GLeaks | gleaks.pro background
GLeaks | gleaks.pro users-three 515 83 7 7

GLeaks | Free & Plugins JOIN NOW GLEAKS.PRO 🪄 » Well-made designs ❓ » Helpful staff ✨ » Active community 🤝 » Partnership