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Corrupt Anarchy - most homemade server ever! background
Corrupt Anarchy - most homemade server ever! users-three 75 25

What is Corrupt Anarchy? It is a Cracked Anarchy server running on Paper 1.16.5 But you can join on (1.7 to Latest release) and has many plugins making a much better anarchy experience, Hacking/greifing/whatever you want is allowed.

๐ŸŸจ [๐—”๐—ป๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐—ฐ๐—ต] an experimental server where the laws have been cast down, and a new world waits to be shaped, ideas and innovations have no authority for each individual's will. Leave your mark upon its empty pages.

LOR: The Loop | Autumn Knights background
LOR: The Loop | Autumn Knights users-three 43 24 2 2

Welcome to the Loop. A semi-anarchic, semi-wholesome general server built upon a niche subsection of the Internet where everyone is welcome.

BelakAttk's Anarchy Server background
BelakAttk's Anarchy Server users-three 54 5

This is a sub-server of BelakAttkโ€™s Dumpster Fire. If you join this server, I advise you join that one too. This server has no rules so whatever you would like to do, you can do.

The Idiots background
The Idiots users-three 59 6

Welcome to The Idiots, where we idiots do idiotic things. We have: ๐ŸงพNo rules (just follow ToS) ๐Ÿ’ฌActive and chill community ๐Ÿ˜‚Tons of edgy memes ... and more! Join now to join the best discord server you'll ever join (or worse)

Astronomical background
Astronomical users-three 183 27

.ใƒปใ€‚.ใƒปใ‚œโœฟAstronomicalโ˜†ใƒป ใ‚œใƒปใ€‚ You just landed on Astronomical , the a semi-anarchy realm with an ego as big as its name! โœฟ Here we offer โœฟ (a side realm where we hold events players can participate for rewards in the main realm) โœฟ a few examples of the addons that are present in the realm. ~Simple structures. ~More weapons. ~Better on bedrock ~More mobs & more! โœฟ Partnerships โœฟ Active staff โœฟ Factions/clans โœฟ & a safe place for everyone

Anon porn background
Anon porn users-three 18 1

This server allows full chaos and freedom to do and say what you want

Free Owner Perms background
Free Owner Perms users-three 6 4

In this server, everyone who joins gets the Owner role added to their profile. Join us!

Cutty Community background
Cutty Community users-three 66 21

(NO VERIFICATION) Toxic sh Server with a lotta unique channels and a creative owner

Rox Anarchy background
Rox Anarchy users-three 7 2

Rox Anarchy is a Minecraft BRAND Anarchy server that was opened on JANUARY 25TH 2023 THIS SERVER IS THE DEFINITION OF HARDCORE. Join and be aware of what you see as this is no ordinary Minecraft server, so don't think it will be. Connect and enter the world of Rox Anarchy for real unfiltered anarchy!

Monkey Kingdom background
Monkey Kingdom users-three 3601 199 7 7

A close community with around 3000 members. We are active 24/7 and love to meet new people. The server theme is being a monke ruled under the Monke Kingdom. There are not many rules so it's a bit anarchy.

CRAVE SMP background
CRAVE SMP users-three 206 47 18 18

we have lifesteal, roleplay, anarchy, and much more if you join

Libertarianism background
Libertarianism users-three 2898 243 14 14

Highest Quality libertarian server you will find. Join today to start learning!

Flight Network background
Flight Network users-three 490 56

Anarchy: From the Greek prefix an-: "without; the absence of" and the Greek noun archon: "master; ruler" - without rulers or masters .

Galactic 2E2G Server background
Galactic 2E2G Server users-three 16 3

The Culture War is BURNING and has left the Overworld devastated, society has collapsed but the war between Left and Right rages on! Do you have what it takes to survive against all odds and escape to the stars to begin anew?