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Apply to be in a private Java Minecraft community, and server! With private giveaways with high win rate, good community, good staff, hiring staff, and an application to only have the best of the best people in our community.


This is a JAVA Minecraft SMP with 24/7 uptime, amazing staff, kingdoms, private giveaways which you have a high chance of winning since there are not that many members, and we are hiring Team Members (Staff, helpers, stuff like that). 💸By the way if you join the server only for the giveaways you will be banned. Because it is against the rules to be inactive, therefor you have to be an active member.💸 To keep a good server community you will have to fill out a google forums application to join. Take the application, if you pass you are in the server! Quick note, you must be a good sport. Hope you pass the application, and enjoy the server! (Please give the server time it is new, and is still growing.)



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