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VanillaAnarchy.net background
VanillaAnarchy.net users-three 103 25

VanillaAnarchy.net ⚔️ [1.19+] ⚔️ No Hacks Vanilla Anarchy Survival

LonglLostSMP background
LonglLostSMP users-three 20 4

🎇🎇🎇Hi we are a new Modded Smp Looking for members we are LGBTQ+ friendly, we provide good admins and much more.🎇🎇🎇 SMP A [Modded Survival Multiplayer] server currently running Fabric 1.19.2 Main mods on the server currently are: Twilight Forrest Origins mythic mounts better animals plus

Epic SMP Server background
Epic SMP Server users-three 110 25 2 2

cool server lots of cool people and theres lots of fun stuff to do just go and relax there have some fun

orangutan's minecraft fun background
orangutan's minecraft fun users-three 23 13

Are you sad, lonely, in poverty, or starving on the streets? If you said yes to any of these, JOIN ORANGUTAN'S MINECRAFT FUN!! Here you can have a supportive community that can help you run away from your problems and never address them!

Zealous SMP background
Zealous SMP users-three 201 61

A small 1.19 Minecraft SMP with a friendly community and loads of potential.

ZeezMC background
ZeezMC users-three 7 4

Vanilla Minecraft smp, java and bedrock compatible. growing community, we also all like the owl house and amphibia.

👑 × Minepunk background
👑 × Minepunk users-three 86 20

About my server - The server is mostly vanilla, with some plugins to make the server greif-free from griefers. The server has a world wipe and will start 10/15/22 at 3pm! This will bring Life steal SMP, and more! Dont join if you cant handle losing youre items from a skele one shotting you haha!

CRAVE SMP background
CRAVE SMP users-three 121 32 9 9

we have lifesteal, roleplay, anarchy, and much more if you join

Cat Craft background
Cat Craft users-three 49 9

Hello! Cat Craft is a vanilla, survival server for the java edition of Minecraft. We strive to have a kind and welcoming community. If you decide to join, we welcome you!

ArkPlaysSmp background
ArkPlaysSmp users-three 40 11

This is a nice server hop on in and enjoy the nice server

The United Hotels of Asmerica background
The United Hotels of Asmerica users-three 17 8

This is a Minecraft dedicated server. We will have 3 servers for you to play! These servers are a survival multiplayer, modded and something else tee haven’t came up with! I hope you enjoy!

Spirit Public background
Spirit Public users-three 312 76 3 3

In the Scrambled SMP YOU decide what happens! All members have the ability to choose an idea to get coded into the server. You can suggest these ideas on Youtube, Twitch, or this Discord server.

Quasar SMP background
Quasar SMP users-three 44 18

Apply to be in a private Java Minecraft community, and server! With private giveaways with high win rate, good community, good staff, hiring staff, and an application to only have the best of the best people in our community.

Zylon background
Zylon users-three 83 31

Zylon is a place where you can chat, chill and have fun this server is linked to an S.M.P but you don't have to join it.

The Mail SMP background
The Mail SMP users-three 5 4

This is a Minecraft discord server. Join to play a brand new SMP.

Lancer Network background
Lancer Network users-three 42 8

Lancer Network is a growing server with a survival smp. We are working on expanding to 🌍Earth SMP. Staff and developers are needed.

Überleben SMP background
Überleben SMP users-three 1380 64

Uberleben SMP is a public minecraft server. Its free to join and provides one of the best gameplay experience out there.

Usualdoor's Minecraft server background
Usualdoor's Minecraft server users-three 8 4

A Minecraft server for my Minecraft SMP. Version 1.19 This server is for anyone who wants to be in the SMP

ObtaniaMC background
ObtaniaMC users-three 282 56

ObtaniaMC is a thriving, community driven Java 1.18.2 SMP server online since 2019. We offer a variety of features on the server including Slimefun, Custom Enchants, mcMMO, as well as server Economy integration via Quests, Player Warps / Shops and Admin Shops. Our server has been continually evolving throughout time, placing the community before anything else.

phoenix background
phoenix users-three 709 78 2 2

Phoenix is a SMP for Minecraft Bedrock edition! We're a small, community focused server looking for new members!

Chill Zone background
Chill Zone users-three 896 181 1 1

The Chill Zone server hosts a modded origin server that uses 1.18.1 + a mod that improves world generation a lot. The community is really active both on discord and on the minecraft server.

Obsidian Network background
Obsidian Network users-three 53 16

This is the start of the Minecraft smp server Obsidian Network. This server will be a survival server with some perks like /sethome, /tpa, /co i. The server will not have pvp on so no killing. It will also have keepinventory on which means that if you die you will keep your stuff.There will also be a feature that tells you when you have entered a city. If you have founded a city and want this feature, contact an admin, they will fix it for you ;)

CHECK ANNOUNCEMENTS! users-three 121 23

We are a hardcore factions minecraft server with lots to do

ivy craft server background
ivy craft server users-three 14 8

Server is to recrute people to join our on going smp! 1.17.1 java server!

The SMP Without A Cool Acronym background
The SMP Without A Cool Acronym users-three 890 204 19 19

Bedrock & Java on ApexMC! 1.18.1! A server for those who feel unheard, for those who want more, for those who want to play with old and new friends alike, SMPWACA's goal is to unite people everywhere!

edith’s server background
edith’s server users-three 39 12

We are a discord server that offers a community of differing games as well as a Minecraft SMP on 1.17. We are 15+ server.

MCYT Daycare! background
MCYT Daycare! users-three 43 7

A small discord server made for fun, you can either be a caretaker or child you decide!

Argon RPG background
Argon RPG users-three 98 21

Welcome to The Argon Network, a life-steal SMP and factions server that offers a unique experience to every player. For the hardcore server, you kill someone, you gain health. On death, you lose health. You have 3 lives, die 3 times and you're out for a short period of time! The Argon Network offers a unique experience to every player. With features like custom items, enchantments, terrain generation, many PvP-related plugins, perks shop and jaw-dropping events, you'll l

McManiac background
McManiac users-three 201 28 14 14

This is a fun cracked server like Dream SMP where we play minecraft with youtubers. We host many events and giveaways. We also promote audience channels on streams.

Thunder Advertisments & SMP background
Thunder Advertisments & SMP users-three 101 34

Hello There ! Looking for a fun server where you can meet new people and make new friends ? LIGHTNING ADVERTISEMENTS is just for you ! We have BOTS | MEMES | EVENTS, What more can you ask for ? Here are a few reasons why you should join our server :