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Hello and welcome! 🌊 Our server is the safest study place on earth! -and on discord too!- This is a fun server with active members and an active Forest chat! Join us and become a part of our community to boost your productivity!


Hello and welcome! 🌊 Our server is the safest study place on earth! -and on discord too!- --> SAFETY This server was built for those who are dedicated to their studies! Study Islands is the FIRST EVER and the safest study server which brings the most secure system. This system keeps you away from spammers, stalkers, and it becomes the best server and the place on Discord where you want to be in a safe productive zone. We have a strict verification system and no one can access the server without their verification. In this way, we make sure to not let any fake accounts, spammers, or any ill-intentioned users inside! --> SERVER ACTIVITIES As a study server we have: -study/productivity bots (to-do lists, cam only/pomodoro rooms, deep focus rooms, etc.), -ambience rooms for relaxed study sessions, -active Forest chat where we try to stay productive on Forest, -active members on cams, -private rooms for you and your friends only, -study alone rooms, -special study rooms for supporters, -workout rooms, -low-data rooms, and many more! --> EXTRA EVENTS Along with study rooms, we also have entertainment rooms and events to loosen up a bit from our stress. This includes: -Movie nights, -Gaming nights, -Karaoke nights, -Special productivity events (Exclusive only to Study Islands with an award system) And many more! --> FOCUS BETTER For those who don't want to be distracted at all, we have 2 level focus roles system! And entertainment channels are only open to those who are interested in them. Oh, and we are looking for more Event Hosts, if you're interested come and join us! :) --> MANY MORE! There are color roles, study leagues, coin system, and many others! It's a lovely community with fun and welcoming people, feel free to join us and let's study together for our goals!



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