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NOWHERE background
NOWHERE users-three 104 25

Welcome if you are going to join โ›ฉ๏ธ There are a lot of things to enjoy and explore Fun bots Cool emojis So many channels Etc Just join then see โ›ฉ๏ธ

Welcome to the lions of Judah where you can be equally yoked with like minded christians no matter denomination. Here its a safe, non-judgemental server where anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus and accept him into their life is welcomed.

๐Ÿ“š Study Islands ๐Ÿ background
๐Ÿ“š Study Islands ๐Ÿ users-three 676 78 2 2

Hello and welcome! ๐ŸŒŠ Our server is the safest study place on earth! -and on discord too!- This is a fun server with active members and an active Forest chat! Join us and become a part of our community to boost your productivity!

The Holy Bacon background
The Holy Bacon users-three 160 50 5 5

we are a small community server that started off as a gaming sever. we recently are converting our server into a more community based area. we try to keep this a safe place for all ages. we are still updating the server so expect changes.

๐ŸŒฟ queer conquerors ๐Ÿ•Š background
๐ŸŒฟ queer conquerors ๐Ÿ•Š users-three 659 90 14 14

A friendly sfw lgbtq+ server which doesnt tolerate discrimination of any kind! Our members are friendly and active and you are garunteed to feel safe and welcomed in our server.

Business Traders - #1 background
Business Traders - #1 users-three 3403 127 9 9

One of the best trading server on discord! More than 500 successful transactions, trust and safety 2 years of experience On the server I included: - Marketplace: channels in 2 categories - Buy with access to @ all boosters - Giveaways with special prizes. We are waiting for you in large numbers!

โ•ญ heart โค | sfw dating and hangout server background
โ•ญ heart โค | sfw dating and hangout server users-three 16 13

COOL HANGOUT SERVER!! 24 hour support! VC Reaction roles & way more

Ethereal Sanctuary background
Ethereal Sanctuary users-three 131 44 2 2

Welcome to Ethereal! We have an amazing staff team, relaxed rules, game nights, giveaways, QOTD, venting, channels for all your hobbies, and so much more! We hope you enjoy your stay!!

โคท cloud9 แถปz โ˜๏น’chill๏น’dreams๏น’soft ๏น’โ†’ free of toxicity, full of love ๏น’โ†’ safe space, sfw only ๏น’โ†’ cute emotes, stickers

Ayeeee! If you're looking to meet new people and have some fun, come join my Discord server! We're a friendly and welcoming community where you can chat, play games, and make new friends.

โœžFemboy Freakshow is a community based femboy and femboy enjoyers server. Our community largely enjoys VR and all things femboy related. We offer: โ›ค Sfw, but we do goof off ofc. โ›ค 15+ server. โ›ค Mods with at least 2 1/2 brain cells (very hard)

หห‹โœฉหŽหŠห— This server was made to gather anime fans all around to roleplay, make friends, talk, and play games with others! หห‹โœฉหŽหŠห—

Aquarium of Dreams background
Aquarium of Dreams users-three 41 17

You want a place to talk and make new friends? Come on in!!! We offer many chats to discuss any and all interests. This server is completely safe for work, and we want to provide a comfy space for all 18+ people.

Knights Safezone background
Knights Safezone users-three 9 4

โš”๏ธHey, wir sind Knights Safezone. Uns ist es besonders wichtig, dass sich jeder auf dem Server wohlfรผhlen kann, egal welches Geschlecht er hat oder aus welchem Land er kommt๐Ÿ’•.

Unclubbable Wallflowers background
Unclubbable Wallflowers users-three 36 18 4 4

We are a friendly server welcoming all, primarily made for those who have neuroatypical disorders or struggle socially.

7F's Shop background
7F's Shop users-three 15 7

7F's Shop We have โ†ด โ€ขCheap Prices โ€ขRobux Method โ€ขGta Accounts โ€ขXbox Accounts โ€ขMy Restaurant Sets

Mostly Fair background
Mostly Fair users-three 25 11

Safe, new, hopefully soon to be active and making friendships!

The Cotton Candy Cafรฉ background
The Cotton Candy Cafรฉ users-three 210 48 12 12

๐ŸŒˆWelcome to the Cotton Candy Cafรฉ, an 18+, LGBTQ+ friendly, safe space with focus on mental health! ๐ŸŒˆ

Allure background
Allure users-three 205 34 1 1

We are an LGBTQ+ server that is made (mainly) for queer teenagers to meet others like them! We offer a safe space for everyone to make friends and have fun! Looking forward to seeing you!

Planรจte #๐ŸŒ  background
Planรจte #๐ŸŒ  users-three 226 65 26 26

๐ŸŒ  ร€ la recherche d'un serveur bienveillant et tolรฉrant vis-ร -vis de l'humour noir et de choses habituellement interdites? Bah tu es au bon endroit, rejoins-nous ! Communautรฉ active รฉcrit/vocal.

Lunar Haven โ™ก background
Lunar Haven โ™ก users-three 683 80 12 12

Welcoming to all backgrounds, identities, and personalities. With the exception of anyone racist, transphobic, homophobic, or otherwise preaching hatred.

The safe place background
The safe place users-three 54 26

Looking for a cool mental health server? weโ€™ll look no further! join The safe space today! we have over 40 rรฉaction roles and over 30 channels to talk or vent in! systems and littles have their own channels, read the long description for more info!

Hello Kitty's Rose Garden background
Hello Kitty's Rose Garden users-three 44 26 2 2

A new sfw Agere server! All are welcome. We are looking to grow as a community. Partnerships are open as well as staff apps

โ€• rcta/ecta safespace!! background
โ€• rcta/ecta safespace!! users-three 2383 264 12 12

This is a safespace for people who want to change their race :3 even if you arent rcta/ecta, you can still join!

Cats & Friends! background
Cats & Friends! users-three 17 12 2 2

If you like cats or want to make friends (or both) you should join this server! I aim to create a safe and friendly enviroment where everybody can make friends, and share their passion for cats, or their favorite games.

Dream Stage background
Dream Stage users-three 48 21 2 2

๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ Hello! wanderer, are you looking for a place to stay? well, join Dream Stage!! [13 and above. Discord TOS] [The server is recently made, If it's not active, you can help us! We have a lot space to grow]

Art n' more! background
Art n' more! users-three 16 11

Share your art and have fun in a community full of other artists. Weekly art jams!

Star themed Safe space server for making friends and playing games