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This is a 24/7 run semi automated RPG with a d100 custom ruleset and an active community! Its a gritty street level superhero setting that takes place in the fictional California coastal city of El Milagro. Invite leads to a Interview Server-


In an alternative modern day America, superhero's are real. As are monsters, villains, and things that linger in the dark. Supers are born, twisted, and morphed by strange genetics and unique situations that make them more spectacular than the regular man. Old bloodlines, strange medicines, and dark magic make men into monsters. Most supers live unfortunate, economically deprived lives. They are sent to war, and often succumb to alcoholism, depression, and crime. Milagro is a miracle city on the coast of California, in a fresh water battleground in the heart of the dry countryside. Superficial bodies and even more superficial politics plagues this town; and it may only be up the the American Goliaths, a special unit of supers to keep everything in check. Keep it in check, or make it worse.



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