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Harambe Rescue Squad🐵 background
Harambe Rescue Squad🐵 users-three 637 119 30 30

We bring people together. Destiny 2 wasn't made to be played alone! Harambe supports. Weekly Clan events every Friday at 8:00pm (est). Giveaways and contests. Raid and Sherpa schedules. Friendly Community!

Gamirare © Miramixi Storyteller Community background
Gamirare © Miramixi Storyteller Community users-three 199 67

Офіційна спільнота гри Miramixi Storyteller у жанрі TTRPG, від команди Gamirare! The official community of Miramixi Storyteller in the TTRPG genre, by the team of Gamirare! Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2123400/Miramixi_Storyteller/

Eye Of Unity background
Eye Of Unity users-three 236 57

NFT & Crypto Community: https://discord.gg/4KeKwkqeeF Catch Discord Pokemon and Play the Ultimate RPG Text Adventure Trade Game Art NFT Collections of 20000 Like Stocks Telegram NFT Community | https://t.me/eyeofunitygames Live Mint Links: https://eyeofunity.com

The Gaming Olympus background
The Gaming Olympus users-three 269 89 14 14

A gaming server for anyone and everyone we do not care who you are come on in you are awesome

SCHIZOCORP: TERMINAL users-three 78 20 2 2

SCHIZOCORP: TERMINAL 📟 A terminal-based RPG game. ⚔️ Fight alongside or against other players in a dystopian corporation devoid of order. 🚬 Craft & burn exotic cigs to ascend the ranks, obtain abilities, and steer the course of SCHIZOCORP. Our leaders have abandoned us. It's every SCHIZO for themselves.

ɴʏ́ ᴠᴏɴ ɪsʟᴇ background
ɴʏ́ ᴠᴏɴ ɪsʟᴇ users-three 82 23 2 2

Ný Von: An 18+ modern high fantasy RP group. Intrigue, adventure, relaxation; heroes, villains, morally gray... Let your creativity shine.

Hermit's Garden background
Hermit's Garden users-three 142 47 2 2

Hermit's Garden is a new Discord server dedicated to discussion of all kinds of JRPGs, whether modern or retro , popular or niche! Feel free to gush about your favorite RPGs, learn about ones you've never heard of before, and talk about games you're currently playing. There are also channels dedicated to visual novels and Gacha games, as well as channels for anime and manga!

7 Realms background
7 Realms users-three 117 37 9 9

We are an up-and-coming MMORPG server currently in development! Our ultimate goal is to create a new one-of-a-kind server that provides players with an unforgettable experience!

The Cursed Land background
The Cursed Land users-three 6405 116

The Cursed Land is a mobile MMORPG Web2 + Web3, Built on MultiversX https://www.thecursedland.com/

Farpiece RPG background
Farpiece RPG users-three 47 10 2 2

Created by two old AOL rpers, Farpiece is set on the planet of Terrenueve (or Turnover in local parlance) We will never make you fill out an application, or set a word limit. Right now we are limited to a discord server with the hope of having a forum in the future. Original and canon characters welcome! No set storylines!

MYSTIC ONLINE background
MYSTIC ONLINE users-three 14 5

MYSTIC ONLINE is an open world, constantly updated MMO-RPG Player Based Minecraft Server with the concept of community in mind. Great experiences.

AirDnD Group background
AirDnD Group users-three 238 48 5 5

About us! AirDnD is a new community created two goals in mind. The first, to be a safe place for people to interact with the community and find games. The second being a one stop shop to having a place to run your game.

Squirmunity™ ©® background
Squirmunity™ ©® users-three 23 8


dNo background
dNo users-three 815 96 18 18

✨ Introducing dNo ✨Digital dice with physical presence and immediate utility. We're dNumber (dNo' for short), a hobby universe centered around beautiful, playful, collectible digital items.

LAST DAYS SURVIVAL users-three 152 43 8 8

Last Days Survival - a FiveM based survival roleplay server. Last Days is a semi-serious roleplay server; no shoot on sight, vdm, rdm. The outbreak has spread across San Andreas. There are only few uninfected remaining, Infected are everywhere and they are hungry. The city is full of looting opportunity; during the day infected are fairly docile but still present a real threat, by night the infected become stronger and faster! Have you got what it takes to survive?

We are a Harry Potter role play that takes place 20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts. Explore the wizarding world to your heart’s content! Whether you wish to progress the roleplay as a student, a professor, or even a creature - there’s plenty to explore in and around Hogwarts. Not a fan of academic life? Then take to the skies and venture to London, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and more as an Auror, a dark wizard, whatever you desire!

Zombie Gaming background
Zombie Gaming users-three 1178 32 5 5

The Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community was originally founded in November 2008 dedicated to the mission of providing the finest zombie themed gaming experience.

Dice of Destiny background
Dice of Destiny users-three 55 21 1 1

Welcome to the Dice of Destiny. We are a new friendly d&d hosting server. Whether you are new to the game or have many years of experience under your belt, we welcome you to come play some campaigns or even run your own! We do also allow hostings of other ttrpg games if you wish to run something that isnt dnd

Epic RPG Marketplace background
Epic RPG Marketplace users-three 8327 1450 22 22

Epic RPG's first and biggest marketplace! Bots: EPIC RPG, Tree Tycoon, Anigame, Idle Miner, Dank Memer, OWO, Mudae, PokeTwo

JRPG Chronicles background
JRPG Chronicles users-three 3295 1090 48 48

Discord server for Japanese Role-Playing Games. All JRPG fans welcome!

Flavorgliders background
Flavorgliders users-three 47 16

In this server you can collect, tame, train and breed Flavorgliders. Flavorgliders are a mix between anything that has flavor and sugar-glider/flying squirrel-type animals.

NightWatch background
NightWatch users-three 44 17

We stream games, if you want to watch or play games with a community check us out.

a rpg roleplay minecraft server with dungeons weapons and custom mobs

arcaneburst background
arcaneburst users-three 188 74

Asterios is a server for an upcoming roblox game "Arcaneburst", where you will be able to explore a large world full of various enemies and places.

🌐Governo Mundial🌐 background
🌐Governo Mundial🌐 users-three 16 4

RPG inspirado e feito com itens do incrível anime One Piece, com sistemas de economia, haki, diversas Frutas e VÁRIAS ilhas. Muito Divertido para todos poderem começar sua jornada, seja como marinheiro ou Pirata, vamos embarcar nesta aventura!

{- Demon Slayer RPG-} background
{- Demon Slayer RPG-} users-three 12 3

Um RPG de inspirado em Demon Slayer onde você pode se tornar um grande caçador de onis ou um grande oni, sistema de famílias, dinheiro e batalhas, todas as respirações de Demon slayer, cores de nichirins e entre outros, vamos e entre nesse jornada!

Cornucopia background
Cornucopia users-three 273 57 14 14

A heartwarming indie farming RPG. Grow crops, plant fruit trees and berry bushes, make friends, get married, raise and breed animals, pet assisted combat, card quests, fishing, racing, fun mini-games, a custom soundtrack and much more! Will you restore the Cornucopia?

Dragons Tavern background
Dragons Tavern users-three 69 21

so you want to play Dungeons and Dragons or even other Tabletop games well your in luck because we have a super welcoming community staff that will help you if you need i cant wait to see you in the server

What Vengeance Means background
What Vengeance Means users-three 385 90 15 15

VNG Is a community of gamers dedicated to competition and victory.

Striea background
Striea users-three 58 10

Bored? Lonely? Want to roleplay but your friends are asleep/busy? Or did you ever wish you could interact with NPCs in an RPG? Then come visit Striea, where you can roleplay with up to ten unique and intelligent NPCs in a fantasy RPG on Discord.