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A server for Tokyo Revengers cosplayers of Eastern North America to share progress, plan meetups, and make connections with other fans.


Join this server if you're a Tokyo Revengers cosplayer from the Eastern region of North America, or are planning on cosplaying from the series in the future! This server will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about upcoming Northeastern conventions, cosplay events, meetups and photoshoots, and provide a platform for connections to be made with other Tokyo Revengers cosplayers and fans of the series. Our central point of origin is Boston, Massachusetts, and this server specifically targets East Coast anime conventions. Cosplayers that do not reside in Eastern North America but are interested in branching out to East Coast conventions are also welcome. However, resources for planning gatherings at conventions outside of this region are not currently offered. Originated at Anime Boston 2022, this group is designed to keep current and prospective Tokyo Revengers cosplayers in touch to plan future meetups, as well as discuss past events and Tokyo Revengers in general.



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