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Stream Heaven || background
Stream Heaven || users-three 77 31 2 2

Wanting to promote your twitch or YouTube account? We are the server for you! We have a live bot that you can submit your twitch or YouTube to be auto posted for you. Or you can post in there however you please. It’s free! We are open to partnerships both big and small, and all content creators

Planet Floof background
Planet Floof users-three 5964 1737 134 134

Heyo! 💗 Join us and have some fun! We are an LGBT-friendly SFW Furry server! Our small community is looking for heartwarming souls to fill the space!

1996 N Heartbreak Ave. background
1996 N Heartbreak Ave. users-three 1810 191 14 14

Adult-only server where we discuss daily issues. Love, relationships, sadness, heartbreaks, and other things.

Artistic Reality background
Artistic Reality users-three 749 138 5 5

We welcome you to Artistic Reality! We're an arts server focused on collaboration, whether you draw, write, or make music, we have a corner for you in our server! What we offer: - Showcase channels for your art/writing - A lot of levels and roles & rewards! - Three topic-based divisions to share your skills with people like you! - Booster & Voter perks - Open staff applications system (you can apply whenever you want as long as you meet the regs!) Join us now!

DNE Productions background
DNE Productions users-three 5544 729 14 14

✮~Welcome to DNE Productions~✮ We are a gaming and fandom based community server for everyone, no matter what your background is, we welcome you to our community! We tend to focus on the mutual love for the fictional worlds in shows, books and games. As well as aim to help others find people to play with or watch new shows with!

// My little server // background
// My little server // users-three 28 17

we wish you a warm welcome in our server with our a moderating team that will help you with anything when you want the help you need, Thank you for choosing our server. come meet new people and have fun with us with games and show off your art and many more, Events, custom roles and awards. we respect everyone and we don't condone discrimination as once again we as a community will keep you safe and welcome. come and hang out with us and haaaaave fun ❝ pony. Out ❞ 🌸 sf

Safe Space🚀 background
Safe Space🚀 users-three 344 96 14 14

We are a 2 in 1 Server `Community & Gaming`, Easiest and fastest way to make some friends and play some games!

Hogwarts: The New Tale.... background
Hogwarts: The New Tale.... users-three 119 46 7 7

Join our SFW Harry Potter server with its own, original storyline! - Learn about a new secret group terrorizing the wizarding world - Create your own OC to engage in our storyline - Lots of events hosted by our welcoming staff! - A welcoming community, pluralkit

Midnight Crew background
Midnight Crew users-three 54 19

a server for all gamers alike, please join as I really want to hit past 100 members for the first time, thank you ma friends!

💖#1 Vibe Server ✨ 500 Best Emotes 🎉 Discord Nitro Giveaways🍧Anime 🎮 Gaming 💭 Social 🏆Events 🤩 Fun 🔊 Active Chats ╭ We are a community aimed at uniting anime fans. Join us as we carve a place on the internet fellow fans to make new friendships, discuss your | thoughts/favorite anime, and get your game on. | ╰ ┄ ┄ ୨What we have here?୧┄ ┄➤

BlueWillow background
BlueWillow users-three 2449 58 11 11

What is BlueWillowAI? BlueWillowAI is a new AI generation company focused on providing the best AI generated art to our users.

Vailen Empire background
Vailen Empire users-three 2282 931 21 21

The Vailen Empire is an intergalactic protogen/primagen kingdom ruled by his majesty Seifer.

The Gaming Lounge (21+) background
The Gaming Lounge (21+) users-three 537 81 12 12

Is a 21+ SFW gaming community for busy adults looking to play games without tantrums, trolls, or perverts. Come play games and forget about your real-world stresses.

Jin's Corner Store background
Jin's Corner Store users-three 1142 195 1 1

Just my personal server I made to help find art, make art, and make friends. Lots of other things to find here as well like music, anime, and games. And lots of buyable roles and colors to show off your personality and stand out from others. And many many emotes for you to add to your collection if you only join for the emotes.

Digital Art background
Digital Art users-three 2268 304 19 19

Come hang out, make friends, share your art-works and your learning journey. We also do game nights (skribble & gartic). We have some custom bots in the works for an accountability system as well as some mini games!! We're friendly and welcoming art community. ♥

TomAratari background
TomAratari users-three 79 10

Disco Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-E. For lovers of Ai art, designers, NFT, Cryptocurrencies.

The Eternal Flame background
The Eternal Flame users-three 66 26 2 2

The Eternal Flame: A fun community of friends that like to play games, watch movies and anime, throw parties, and nerd out about cute cats and cool buildings.

Gloomies server background
Gloomies server users-three 45 16 1 1

Active community with a lot of different types of people, different fandoms and hobbies. We are also an art server with art events sometimes.

The Gaming Hub background
The Gaming Hub users-three 285 42

♡ ━━ 🅆🄴🄻🄲🄾🄼🄴 🅃🄾 Th Gaming Hub ↬ What we offer: ◆ Bot games◆ ◆ Advertisement ◆ ◆ Server Specific Channels ◆ ◆ Friendly Staff & Community ◆ ◆ A Guide to Success ◆ ◆ Events ◆ ◆ Giveaways ◆ ◆ Tournaments (Still in progress)◆ ◆ Custom roles & rooms ◆ ◆ ━━━━ ◆ ➪ looking for more partnerships & active members! ➪ Looking for partners/partnerships/collaborat

Goblin Gators background
Goblin Gators users-three 277 61 15 15

Goblin Gators are a closed species that you can adopt, roleplay and even start families with others! Do art or writing of them! A lot of our adopts can be won via free contests, no purchases necessary! So if you like furry dragon-like alligators, I highly recommend you join and check us out! ^-^

Angercord | Entertainment & Fun Server background
Angercord | Entertainment & Fun Server users-three 70 52

Angercord! The fun & chatting server. Friendly, safe, experimental, and more.

Danger Den background
Danger Den users-three 2838 677 69 69

We are a furry server run by furries but, not just for furries. We welcome all individuals who are looking for a place to hang out, meet new people & make friends, watch movies, and more!

le dot background
le dot users-three 2590 197 7 7

A one-time-fungible token, where you can bring your own pixel art to live. A 100x100 canvas with a total of 10,000 pixel!

CELED Studio background
CELED Studio users-three 39 6

CELED: a Digital Marketing and Web 3.0 Studio you have always needed for your business.

Stephen Vineburg the Artist background
Stephen Vineburg the Artist users-three 434 206 2 2

Welcome to Stephen Vineburg discord server! This server is about Stephen Vineburg's life, his work, his movies, his Web3 stuff. Everyone is free to ask him any question they want.

Erratic Chromatic background
Erratic Chromatic users-three 941 195 13 13

meme based hierarchical role class system, interesting community, great emojis, youtube channel, highly optimized channel organization, schizo posting, variety of events

Kyoko | Anime | Social | Emotes | Art background
Kyoko | Anime | Social | Emotes | Art users-three 968 180 43 43

Chill place to hangout, talk anime, play games and so much more! We do giveaways and host events! Plus we are hyper active!

The Indian Mafia background
The Indian Mafia users-three 629 99 5 5

Wholesome server with good people, can talk in English or Hindi Most of us are Indian Enjoy here

Galactic Empire background
Galactic Empire users-three 143 53

An Aesthetic Friendly Community. Galactic Empire is all about collaborating, partnerships, memes, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. If you wanna spend your free time join us. Maybe we can chat together or play games.

Under The Dome background
Under The Dome users-three 1784 220 8 8

MISSION STATEMENT For truth seekers that identify as flat earthers. A server dedicated to the accurate dissemination and survival of critical information.