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Join our quest to manifest the best vibes on the interwebs!


Our network YoKage sought refuge from the evils of reality, so he created a sanctuary where good vibes could be experienced digitally from anywhere around the world! Bridging different dimensions, the Yokage was able to cultivate one of the most powerful entities in the universe, Good Vibes. Using these vibes, he was able to procure everlasting friendships with some of the most genuine ninjas to exist, aka Jonin. Together they ventured thru the interwebs in search of others that could be enlightened by the vibes. Convincing many to follow with pure intentions, they introduced themselves as the Vibe Tribe which formed a network for other talented shinobi to train as Chunin by manifesting the art of vibing. Each member begins their journey by configuring their "Roles" in the library, the growing archive for quality shinobi knowledge. As many discover quickly, learning to vibe is no secret, it's more of a delicacy that originated from the scriptures of the sacred "Guidebook". Basically, stating to simply respect Everyone at all times & make effort to read the room. Over the years our village grew vast across the region which oftentimes caused new arrivals to get lost. This led to the development of our "Village Map" centralized here in Vibe HQ. Our map is forged from some of the most modern tech with the capabilities of keeping all members updated as the village continues to expand. To help our members mingle & get to know one another. We welcome everyone to promote, create & collaborate by utilizing our network. All that we ask is to introduce yourself, so we have an honest way of supporting. The more engagement one has with the community, the more powerful their vibes become which could one day earn them a partnered status & enable some to work directly



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