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The Reel World background
The Reel World users-three 126 39 4 4

In a world within our world, we've created a server unlike any other server. A world where movie nights abound. A world full of movie nerds being nerds about movies.

That Voice Call Server background
That Voice Call Server users-three 421 150 36 36

Welcoming ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ–+ social server for you to chill and game. ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Weekly community voted events ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Giveaways! ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Earnable roles!

Movies & Television background
Movies & Television users-three 4394 699 20 20

ฮŸ ฮดฮนฮฑฮบฮฟฮผฮนฯƒฯ„ฮฎฯ‚ ฮคฮฑฮนฮฝฮฏฮตฯ‚ & ฮคฮทฮปฮตฯŒฯฮฑฯƒฮท ฮดฮญฯ‡ฮตฯ„ฮฑฮน ฮผฯŒฮฝฮฟ ฮˆฮปฮปฮทฮฝฮตฯ‚ ฮบฮฑฮน ฮญฯ‡ฮตฮน ฯ€ฯฯŒฯƒฮฒฮฑฯƒฮท ฯƒฮต ฮฟฯ€ฮฟฮนฮฟฮฝฮดฮฎฯ€ฮฟฯ„ฮต ฮฑฮณฮฑฯ€ฮฌ ฯ„ฮฟฮฝ ฮบฮนฮฝฮทฮผฮฑฯ„ฮฟฮณฯฮฌฯ†ฮฟ! ๐ŸŽฌ

BloodStained Skies Series background
BloodStained Skies Series users-three 26 8

If you're into geek stuff: sci-fi, fantasy, horror and heavy metal, you may like this server too!

A SFW age/pet regression server (You don't have to be in the regression community to join!) that has game nights and movie nights about every 2 weeks(subject to change). Come join us! (age range of 13-17)

CBT Pictures background
CBT Pictures users-three 436 119 9 9


The Big Chill background
The Big Chill users-three 77 32

A server for people in the chill community, the server is chill and there are movie nights where you can vote on what you would like to see. You can chill and share your art.

Movie Lair background
Movie Lair users-three 455 51 4 4

Movie Lair is a Free Movies and TV Show/Series streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies or shows online without having to register or paying, with over 100000 movies and TV-Series. You can stream online or download to watch later! https://movielair.cc/

Filmmakers Helping Filmmakers background
Filmmakers Helping Filmmakers users-three 500 50

A community hub for filmmakers and viewers can network, have fun, watch movies and collaborate together. Join our quickly growing community! We have over 17,000 members on Facebook, bow we are trying to grow on Discord.

Monsters Club background
Monsters Club users-three 258 35

Are you tired of paying high prices for cable TV, only to find that you still can't watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and live sports? Look no further than Monster IPTV, the ultimate source for all your entertainment needs. With access to thousands of channels, including live sports and football, you'll never miss a moment of the action.

IndyCord background
IndyCord users-three 234 38

The most active fan community for Indiana Jones on Discord. We have channels for about everything and an attentive mod team. Join us in the build up to the next Indy film! https://discord.gg/zDeJQqpcz7

in a galaxy far far away background
in a galaxy far far away users-three 76 18 2 2

แด€ สŸแดษดษข แด›ษชแดแด‡ แด€ษขแด ษชษด แด€ ษขแด€สŸแด€xส ๊œฐแด€ส€ ๊œฐแด€ส€ แด€แดกแด€ส... we're a primary Star Wars server with cool channels such as: โŠฑ โ”€โ”€โ”€ {.โ‹… โœฏ โ‹….} โ”€โ”€โ”€ โŠฐ โœฐmovies โœฐgames โœฐcosplays โœฐcomics so come on and chill

Dragon Ball: Infinite Multiverse background
Dragon Ball: Infinite Multiverse users-three 164 60 15 15

Welcome to Dragonball Infinite Multiverse! You may be asking: what sets this server apart from all the others? Glad to answer. This server is a large community server that hosts various movie nights and gaming events. We have a massive RP section of the server for those who want to express themselves and their OCs! We have plenty of bots to have fun with as well. Come on down and give it a look! We're still a bit of a work in progress so far, so feel free to hop in and help u

UpstAirs background
UpstAirs users-three 600 163

UpstAirs โ€“ ัะฟั–ะปัŒะฝะพั‚ะฐ, ั‰ะพ ะพะฑโ€™ั”ะดะฝัƒั” ั€ั–ะทะฝั– ัั„ะตั€ะธ ั–ะฝั‚ะตั€ะตัั–ะฒ, ั‚ะฐะปะฐะฝั‚ั–ะฒ ั– ะฑะตะทะบะพัˆั‚ะพะฒะฝะพ ั€ะตะบะปะฐะผัƒั” ัƒะบั€ะฐั—ะฝััŒะบะต.

The Ruby Phoenix background
The Ruby Phoenix users-three 121 68 2 2

The Ruby Phoenix is a FF14 based server with events and chatting, we also have a variety of bots to interact with.

ใ€ŽMonochrome.ใ€- Anime and Manga background
ใ€ŽMonochrome.ใ€- Anime and Manga users-three 1210 146 3 3

โ–ก A server made by anime fans, for anime fans. โ–ก โ–ก Why even wait? Join us at Monochrome today! โ–ก

๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š๐–”๐–˜' ๐•ฟ๐–†๐–›๐–Š๐–—๐–“ is looking to bolster it's community with more players looking for ๐—–๐—”๐—ฆ๐—จ๐—”๐—Ÿ play! We are a close-knit community of about 300 members complete with good vibes and fun nights! We game every day, as well as regularly watch box office movies voted on by our most active users! With the removal of the ๐—Ÿ๐—™๐—š feature from Overwatch we're looking for more players to fill up the server to provide a more consistent

Hidden Leaf background
Hidden Leaf users-three 396 65 2 2

Welcome to the Hidden Leaf! Fallen leaves on the ground are a golden song of an eternal creativity.

Hakuna Matata background
Hakuna Matata users-three 57 18 2 2

Weโ€™re all here to share our love of all our favorite hits in this interactive multi fandom group. Whether you prefer Crime, Romcoms, Comedy, Drama, or even Sitcoms weโ€™ve got a spot for you.

All are welcome here. Super friendly and supportive community server for everyone to relax and make new friends!

Taco's Basement background
Taco's Basement users-three 53 13

Join Papi's server it will make Papi very happy.

Verno ๐ŸŒ background
Verno ๐ŸŒ users-three 502 75 13 13

A safe place for you to make friends! Interact, talk, watch movies and play multiple games with people from all around the world :)

Nova Cutting background
Nova Cutting users-three 13 4

Hello. Do you need help with video, thumbnail or photo editing?? Well you've find the right server.

Lake City Quiet Pills background
Lake City Quiet Pills users-three 244 80

A fun place to game and hangout with friends. I highly recommend you join this beautiful place to have a good time. See you there!

Svengoolie's Dungeon background
Svengoolie's Dungeon users-three 33 8

A place for svengoolie friends to talk about the MeTV hit television programs svengoolie live or dead as it happens

Club House background
Club House users-three 32 16 2 2

A social/gaming community where everyone is welcome, multiple ages, friendly people, and fun times.

The Musketeers background
The Musketeers users-three 48 9 4 4

Social discord looking for members 18+๐Ÿ™‚ We are 3 friends who have created and run a friendship based server. This space is strictly 18+. It is a wholesome, fun, and chilled space to hang out and make friends. We have a 0 tolerance policy for toxic or inappropriate behaviour (those people get kicked), so it is a completely safe and happy place to be!

Bammer Base background
Bammer Base users-three 236 38 7 7

A Community hangout Server with Games, Movies and More!