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pretty social | movies & books background
pretty social | movies & books users-three 546 61 10 10

our favourite place to chill and hang out with our friends! we host regular movie nights and have our very own book club, so come and be part of something amazing

🍴THE KITCHEN🍴 background
🍴THE KITCHEN🍴 users-three 443 111 13 13

Meet friends, hang out, play with bots, and gain XP. VC active every day. We look forward to meeting you :)

cult of the dead rabbit background
cult of the dead rabbit users-three 391 91 20 20

Welcome to the Cult of the Dead Rabbit, an exclusive adult (21+) social community where fun and respect collide in a toxic-free environment!

˖⁺💗𝒸𝑜𝓂𝒻𝓎𝓅𝓁𝒶𝒸𝑒˚🍡‧⁺ background
˖⁺💗𝒸𝑜𝓂𝒻𝓎𝓅𝓁𝒶𝒸𝑒˚🍡‧⁺ users-three 884 190 15 15

🌸A kawaii anime server for gaming, meeting people, having fun, voice chat, watching movies/shows, chilling, selfcare & gym, music, commissions, giveaways and more! ☕ 🌸 Join and enjoy with us! 🍙 ໒꒰ྀིっ˕ -。꒱ྀི১ 🍵

♡ movies ♡ emotes ♡ egirls ♡ eboys ♡ nitro-giveaways ♡ gaming ♡ soundboard ♡ stickers ♡

SHINS 18+ | Hangout | Dating | Gaming background
SHINS 18+ | Hangout | Dating | Gaming users-three 291 60 18 18

✯ SHINS 18+ is a freshly created community server whereby it focuses on social, hangout, gaming, making friends and even find your soulmate. Here verification IS optional. So feel free to join and grow the server.

The Reel World background
The Reel World users-three 168 49 4 4

The Reel World presents a new 18+ discord server for adults who love movies. Movie Nights Watch Online Stream Films Cinephiles Horror Thriller Foreign Fantasy SciFi Documentary Drama Historical Action Adventure Animated Asian Cinema International Europa Anime Korean Japanese Comedy Romantic Romance European Black Comedy Funny British Films Suspense Recommendations RomCom Letterboxd Netflix Indie Classic Disney Marvel Cinematic DC Universe Discussions Best Funniest Saddest Must Watch

🎄Movies & Television background
🎄Movies & Television users-three 4697 583 17 17

Ο διακομιστής Ταινίες & Τηλεόραση δέχεται μόνο Έλληνες και έχει πρόσβαση σε οποιονδήποτε αγαπά τον κινηματογράφο! 🎬

BLEV background
BLEV users-three 415 55

Just another server which needs active members who are actually willing to text around instead of staying quiet. If you are one of the people who is willing to speak, then go ahead join.

Misfit Haven background
Misfit Haven users-three 61 24

Hello and welcome to misfits haven. We welcome you with arms wide open come make some friends (must verify your 18+) to join

𝐵𝕆𝒩𝒢 𝒲𝒜𝒯𝐸𝑅 18+ background
𝐵𝕆𝒩𝒢 𝒲𝒜𝒯𝐸𝑅 18+ users-three 2047 152 19 19

══════【 __**𝐵𝕆𝒩𝒢 𝒲𝒜𝒯𝐸𝑅 **__ 〗══════ We are a party server. Active community with tons of VCs to talk in. We are looking for more people to join in and have some fun! Do you like Cannabis🌿 ? Do you like to hang out in voice channels🔊?

🎄Fumicity🎄 background
🎄Fumicity🎄 users-three 285 38 1 1

Are you lonely? looking for some fun? Then you've come to the right place! Join this server to meet new people, chat, & play games!

Vibe HQ background
Vibe HQ users-three 249 61 4 4

Join our quest to manifest the best vibes on the interwebs!

Let's Get Drunk background
Let's Get Drunk users-three 176 49

We're a small community focused on having fun, drinking, playing games and watching movies

MoonRise Media background
MoonRise Media users-three 747 111 2 2

💎 Premium streaming services ⌚ Free trial ✨ Top-tier customer service 📲 Fully automated

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