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Japan, Historical Fantasy Universe. VN/Otome, Anime.. Yokai/Mythology Fun. Shinsengumi Fandom + RP Server.


An Edo-Period/Bakumatsu Japan, Historical Fantasy Universe: 🌸 Step into the fascinating world of IF's Hakuouki! Experience the struggles of the Shinsengumi with the flair of the fantastic running alongside in this ~Historical Fantasy~ Universe. 🌸 Nerd out over Japanese history, folklore and fearless (hot) Samurai boys 🌸 Otome, VN, Anime, Manga, Japanese History/Mythology Fans of all kinds welcome!!! >---> As a Japanese History & Folklore Appreciation Community this is a place to celebrate samurai/bushi, oni/yokai and all related fantastical creatures in media both new and old. Fans of all types of Otome/VNs, RPGs, Horror/Fantasy, Historical/Period, Romantic/Drama/Mystery ect manga/comics, anime, games, films, books and much more will find themselves at home here! ---- Meet people who share similar passions and interests, but with unique views that might just teach you something new! 👹 Play one of our carefully built -yokai races- designed to enrich the world and our story! 👺 🌸 Roleplay alongside the Shinsengumi humans during their struggles! 🌸 Play a canon character, or create someone of your own! (OCs encouraged!) --- Whether to RP or just chat, come hang out! We're a small friendly group looking to expand and make new friends. We don't bite, but we can be a little zany or sassy!



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