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Trade Hub Stocks, Futures, & Crypto background
Trade Hub Stocks, Futures, & Crypto users-three 24904 1013 17 17

Everything stocks, futures, & crypto | Active trading community | Trade signals, alerts, & analysis | When to buy - When to sell

Lune Trading background
Lune Trading users-three 6518 327

Lune Trading provides traders and investors of all experience levels with Premium TradingView Indicators, Algorithms, Strategies, Tools, and so much more for all markets and time frames.

Diamond Trading Group background
Diamond Trading Group users-three 1 0

Daily fundamental analysis reports/forex/fundamental/fundamentals

Jacob Crypto Bury background
Jacob Crypto Bury users-three 9 3

A unique channel where you can come to discuss tech related topics, hangout and participate in some great giveaways.

Scalper’s Support background
Scalper’s Support users-three 119 12

We are Scalper’s Support, a group to learn and talk about trading while also sharing premium signals.

Metis Trading Community background
Metis Trading Community users-three 63 13

Crypto Market! Youtuber! Trading! LIVES! Community! Money!

Pip Surfing Society background
Pip Surfing Society users-three 1945 148 12 12

🗠 Forex, Crypto & investment group 🗠 - 😃 friendly and active members 😃 - 🧠 expand your knowledge with others 🧠 -💡Daily FREE crypto & Forex ideas💡 -🧑‍💼 FREE Mentor hosted lessons🧑‍💼 -🪙 FREE Crypto giveaways 🪙 - ⭕ Daily Live Trading Floor ⭕ - ⭕ watch our mentor trade 5days a week⭕ - 💸 follow & copy our mentors trades!💸 -🥇Full Mentorship education available🥇 -❓Regular FREE Q&As with our coaches❓ -📊 Educa

ForexTradeVerge background
ForexTradeVerge users-three 1320 72

ForexTradeVerge Not a losing day in 80 days if you follow the rules. Educational - charity community in the day - trade of indices, metals, energies, crypto and forex market.

Covert Capital [ Trading Community ] background
Covert Capital [ Trading Community ] users-three 257 22 7 7

╚» ALL TRADERS WELCOME «╝ Any discussion related to stocks, options, forex, crypto, & the economy. Don't hesitate to tell us about a ticker we should know about, but read the rules before you post. Covert Capital -Lounge -Stocks -Forex -Economy -Live news feed -Smart money moves -Option farm bot

Millionaire Profits background
Millionaire Profits users-three 765 56

Leaking Over 100+ Crypto,Forex And Sports Groups Worth 50k+ Without Any Delay.Free Trial For Everyone.

MCR Trading background
MCR Trading users-three 14712 677 12 12

MCR Trading is the Biggest Free Trading Community in the World!

POW VIP ONLY background
POW VIP ONLY users-three 18 10

This server is exclusively for traders with the intentions to use my service.

Grizzly’s Office background
Grizzly’s Office users-three 37 3

Come achieve financial freedom with like minded people and escape your basic day to day life. Whether your interests lie in stocks, forex, cryptos or just starting a business... let's get some bread and start eating!! This is a server for serious people trying to change their lives. NO TROLLING! NO ARGUING! RESPECT EVERYONE! Are you ready to achieve something more in your life?

THE  TRADERS EXCHANGE users-three 646 74 2 2

We are a stock , forex and crypto group. We provide live alerts, classes and education to help Members learn and profit . Join in we are free.