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Ný Von: An 21+ modern high fantasy RP group. Intrigue, adventure, relaxation; heroes, villains, morally gray... Let your creativity shine.


[21+] [Modern/urban fantasy] [Server is new and growing] Ný Von; a land of mysticism amidst the mundane, where all the stories are true. This setting is modern fantasy and makes good use of folklore. We have room for heavy plot and easygoing slice-of-life alike. Likewise, thematically, you can dabble in darkness and break away toward the light. We are seeking roleplayers who love seeing fantasy come alive and forming intriguing connections and unlikely alliances. We seek to intertwine heroes and villains and all that lay in between. Overall we value a sense of community in and out of character. We have as few limitations on character building as we feasibly can, so as to encourage creativity. Come join us and form your own adventures. Or lay around and be a barfly... those are always fun, too.



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