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Oracle Messenger background
Oracle Messenger
Oracle Messenger
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Roleplay Roleplaying Anime Writing

Oracle Messenger is an app pre-downloaded onto your OCs mobile device that give them the opportunity to talk to other OCs across the world and other realms. OCs from all backgrounds are on this app including demons, fairies, angels and more! Think of this exactly like discord! Your OCs can chat, send pictures, have drama, date & go to sleep at night hoping they don’t get spammed by notifications.

⚔ Discord Roleplay background
⚔ Discord Roleplay
⚔ Discord Roleplay
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Roleplay Roleplaying Gaming Rpg

You awake in a land unaware of how you got there, nothing but the clothes on your back and a burning curiosity. What is this place? How did you get here? How can you get back?