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Paper Gains is a community created as a safe space where you can come and trade live with likeminded, full-time professional traders. As full-time traders, we stream almost all day, every day. We also host in house group coaching as well as weekly workshops on everything trading related from price action and money management to volatility across multiple derivates. You will learn how to value stocks, how the markets function and even how to put the odds on your side.


We have assembled a team of full-time traders that separate themselves from the rest of the “analysts” you see in other communities. When it comes to options, our lead traders are the most experienced you will find having learned by trading side by side with industry leaders who have taught options strategies at the CBOE’s Options Institute & Options Industry Council (OIC). To say the least, we are advocates for trading coaches. Our professional traders do not have any other source of income outside of trading. All professional traders have been vetted over the years through multiple evaluations and continue to show a level of excellence less than 1% of traders can attest to. As full-time traders, we are online 100% of the time and will be extremely responsive and active in our communities. If you are unable to join the streams, we also provide live, actionable analysis and commentary through our trade journals in an effort to help new members learn as they follow along. We want the next generation of traders to survive so we can have a market to trade in the years to come so, while we trade live every day, our focus in on education and teaching the newcomer not only how to make more with less but how professional traders protect their gains.



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