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PheoniX is where everyone & anyone can come for support & info from their peers & others, without judgement.


What we offer: ☆*: .。short guides and instructions for those new to Discord & help, if needed, with your security settings.。.:*☆☆*: .。translation for over 100 languages; if you need one please let us know.。.:*☆☆*: .。mental health & addiction forums where you can find info & resources.。.:*☆☆*: .。our addiction forums are 18+ which means you will have to talk with an adult prior to being able to access these channels, & in most cases, accompanied as well. We want to ensure you have the correct info delivered properly。.:*☆☆*: .。someone to speak with if you’d like to talk or ask questions. 。.:*☆☆*: .。we have Kai, Penguin, and Care bots all at your service. 。.:*☆☆*: .。AI has its uses, but will never replace the care of another human being. 。.:*☆☆*: .。there are the standard venting and confession channels. 。.:*☆☆*: .。Intl. Crisis Lines are easily accessible, if you come by and no one is here. 。.:*☆☆*: .。Our off topics include such things as Music, Photography, Arts & Crafts, small games, Tarot Cards, counting & last letter. 。.:*☆☆*: .。. 。.:*☆☆*: .。. 。.:*☆☆*: .。I just want you to know that you are the most precious person on the planet; each and every one of you, you’re the future. Can’t say we left you a heck of a lot to work with, but we want to give you all the help we can, as do our volunteers. We are not here to judge you, but hopefully we can help. Gypsy Bloodrose; and Groovemasta™ Owners



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