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By Gamers 4 Gamers background
By Gamers 4 Gamers users-three 63 27 2 2

small gaming server starting over after old server raided (50k members)

gamesense background
gamesense users-three 3842 650 15 15

Raising the standards, GameSense delivers an unparalleled gaming experience to the world with its supreme software for Counter-Strike 2. Get Good. Get GameSense.

Referral Paradise background
Referral Paradise users-three 72 7

This is Referral Paradise! We share the best free websites and apps for making money and passive income ! We have multiple sites and apps for you to make money on! Cashouts for the sites are Crypto, Gift cards paypal and more! There’s also a section for you to share your own referral codes!

⟡      ❄      :Bingus Cafe ִ ࣪𖤐彡 background
⟡      ❄      :Bingus Cafe ִ ࣪𖤐彡 users-three 267 89 14 14

Friendly server, lots of active vcs and streams. Cute emotes! ~ Games + more. Come join

PheoniX Mental Health and Addiction Support Server background
PheoniX Mental Health and Addiction Support Server users-three 122 55 14 14

PheoniX is where teens & adults can come for support & info from their peers & others, without judgement.

somethig background
somethig users-three 644 90 11 11

Welcome to Somethig, a chill gaming community with 500+ members. We offer active VCs, a diverse gaming community, global members, frequent events and plenty of emojis and memes. Feel free to join us, and enjoy your stay!

Hedwig's Haven background
Hedwig's Haven users-three 2133 333 21 21

Hedwig's Haven is the ultimate place for grown-up Potterheads to play! Experience our interactive custom bot games and characters, join for live games and compete for the House Cup!

RuneBase background
RuneBase users-three 799 138 10 10

Choose from diverse classes, embrace epic quests, and acquire the RUNES cryptocurrency. Join the vibrant community, explore treasure hunts, and engage in meaningful discussions about crypto.

Monopoly Go trading and services background
Monopoly Go trading and services users-three 1446 195 15 15

A Fun trustworthy people looking to expand our network offing give aways event list trading and services! come join the fun and we take on the Monopoly empire!

🫐Pies🫐 background
🫐Pies🫐 users-three 81 32 2 2

Pies is a server for anybody over 16! Well as long as you're not homophobic racist and etc. We support lgbtq+ community and have really nice and active mods and owners We offer many different channels and a customizable profile of yours by choosing

Solis 17+ background
Solis 17+ users-three 222 59 7 7

・1 ➜ Organised channels ・2 ➜ Custom roles, colours and emojis ・3 ➜ Chill staff ・4 ➜ Semi-toxic ・5 ➜ Looking for new members/partners ・6 ➜ **17+**

Ceh background
Ceh users-three 376 42 2 2

A place for people who are interested in learning programming, hacking, etc

🍴THE KITCHEN🍴 background
🍴THE KITCHEN🍴 users-three 494 92 8 8

Meet friends, hang out, play with bots, and gain XP. VC active every day. We look forward to meeting you :)

Luxe-Hosting.nl | Discord background
Luxe-Hosting.nl | Discord users-three 391 28

At Luxe-Hosting, we are more than just a hosting company. We are a team of passionate individuals who are dedicated to revolutionizing the hosting industry. Tired of slow hardware, outdated game panels, and limited features? Look no further!

meraki background
meraki users-three 203 55 14 14

social hangout • vc • games • emotes • nitro & events