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This is an 18+ SWF Slice of Life Roleplay Server that includes both OCs and Canon Characters from popular games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, and Stardew Valley.


Misty pines, the calls of seabirds, the salty wind blowing off of the sea and through your hair. The Chime Sound is a place of beauty and mystery. With a history of piracy and smuggling, hundreds of shipwrecks, and bounteous resources, it holds treasures untold. Whether it's the whales that sometimes migrate through, or the verdant depths of the deep forest, or the peaks of jagged mountains, the area has something for everyone. Just across the Sound from Chime City, the area's largest metropolitan area, is a little island called ReinBell, with a small sleepy beach town called ReinBell Harbor. Once known for its fishing, logging, and mining, the town has fallen into a state of underpopulation. In order to 'revitalize' the town, the former Mayor went about using town funds to construct a hydroelectric dam, solar farm, and island-wide Wi-Fi. But when investigators dug deeper, it turned out that they'd embezzled funds from the town! With the cops closing in on him, he gathered up what remaining money he could and disappeared. And as if that wasn't bad enough, an oil tanker sunk not too far off of their quiet shores, spilling oil all over the beaches and wildlife. Now the Townsfolk have to band together to save their beloved home. Will you be able to help them? Come to ReinBell Harbor, where only the community working together can save the island!



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