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Glorified || 18+ background
Glorified || 18+ users-three 694 176 50 50

At Glorified, we've meticulously crafted an oasis where adults (18+) can come together in a responsible and entertaining atmosphere. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, ensuring your experience is free from the clutter of negativity.

dime (18+) background
dime (18+) users-three 699 138 49 49

18+ server with cool people that vc and play a multiple category of games

The Monastery | 18+ background
The Monastery | 18+ users-three 39 22 4 4

⋆⋅⊱∘ This is The Monastery, overlooked by The Council we seek to provide an environment where one can connect, share, and create in accordance with amicable and respectful peers.

sanctuary | .gg/sanc background
sanctuary | .gg/sanc users-three 591 122 32 32

serve for adults that talk and have fun n shi (why do i have to write two descriptions)

Tales of ASOIAF: A Dragons Song background
Tales of ASOIAF: A Dragons Song users-three 24 17 7 7

Dragons Dance AU filled with dragons, magic and many RP opportunities

Project EZLIFE background
Project EZLIFE users-three 85 24 6 6

Why Choose Project EZLife? Elevate Your Roleplay Experience: Our server is tailor-made for genuine roleplayers, whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the scene. Our user-friendly setup ensures you can jump right in and start creating memorable


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Discord 18 plus servers are a type of server in the discord platform. If 18 plus interests you join a server listed here today!