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revamp revamp Partner Managers 64 Partner Managers 64
Partner Management

Hello! Our staff team are looking for reliable partner managers to manage partnerships! We are a small, growing community who are currently low on staff. No worries though, because I believe you are the person we were looking for.

Tradles Marketing Tradles Marketing Partner Managers 322 Partner Managers 322
Tradless Marketing is locking for staff

hi Tradless marketimg is locking for staff you can apply for any role ✭ Tradles Marketing ✭ 👑 Legit Seller 👑 many chanels for sell 👑 Legit community 👑 Trusted Middleman ✮ join us :-https://discord.gg/CrHZC427Rx

🚬┊500・sexito posting 🚬┊500・sexito posting Moderators 622 Moderators 622
estoy en busca de staff y pmc de nsfw

estoy en busca de staff capacitados para cualquier tipo de situacion y me ayuden a revivir y que el chat ande activo

Empire Of LaTz Empire Of LaTz Server Builders 474 Server Builders 474
Server builder

I have a solid foundation for my server, I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re doing, is friendly and non toxic, listens to ideas and helps act on them


Hey i am needed a staff memeber To build my community server more better

Cats Kingdom (:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅::]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅) Cats Kingdom (:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅::]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅) Advertising Managers 171 Advertising Managers 171
Looking for Advertising Managers

Community server for friemds amd gamers who are addicted to Pc, Ps, and Xbox games

The Black Swan The Black Swan Partner Managers 67 Partner Managers 67
Looking For Staff Members!!

We are seeking staff members of all kinds to help build out our community!! We are a self-run community and all staff members can take on their own endeavors.

/CARTEL 🥷🏻 /CARTEL 🥷🏻 Moderators 2116 Moderators 2116
Moderation Team

We are hiring experienced moderators to moderate our newly found community.

midnite's mooon midnite's mooon Helpers 34 Helpers 34
Looking for staff members

I am looking for a support team and moderators for my server.

Clipstone Clipstone Moderators 290 Moderators 290
Clipst.one Gaming Server

I need some moderators to work for free to maintain 150+ member server always growing and making partners hit me up if youre down!

Cozy Corner Cozy Corner Moderators 61 Moderators 61
Cozy Corner is looking for staff!

Come join our Community where we have Giveaways, Bots, Events, Nice Staff, Non-toxic community, And more! So join the server or dm me for more information on becoming staff!

💎Diamond Advertising and Giveaways 💎Diamond Advertising and Giveaways Advertising Managers 254 Advertising Managers 254

hiring advertisers for Diamond Advertisings!! SFW, and active !! 200+ members multiple chats and perks for staff at least 10 advertisements per week !! take breaks whenever you need but let us know !!

The Solana Founder Club! The Solana Founder Club! Partner Managers 491 Partner Managers 491
NFT related!

Looking for Investors/Founders/Partners/Collaborators More info on Discord server

Isanti High School Isanti High School Other 48 Other 48

In order to be employed here you must join our Discord server and Roblox group. You then may go to discord and go under employment and click the google form or go to www.c-isd911.org and go to about --> employment-->

GilBot™ Royal Paradise GilBot™ Royal Paradise Administrators 81 Administrators 81
Experienced Admins

Requirements: ▪︎16 and older ▪︎Have been a staff before We offer many different positions here at GilBot Royal Paradise.

HELEUS HELEUS Event Manager 309 Event Manager 309
Events Coordinator

Responsible for user engagement, planning, and executing events within the server to promote activity. The events coordinator should have their pulse on the types of activities that the members would be interested in participating in.

Looking for Games? Looking for Games? Advertising Managers 13 Advertising Managers 13
Looking for Advertisers

Requirements: -At least 4 months on Discord -Able to give me an example of how you can advertise the server -Friendly and helpful DM me at Eyerene 👀#6262 if you meet these requirements!!

Roast Duck Roast Duck Advertising Managers 237 Advertising Managers 237
Recruitting staff!

I'm looking for free staff members! If the server starts grows & gets funding, I will start doing payments. [mods, helpers, advertise, event & partner managers, & 1 bot develepor would be nice]

Los Angeles Emergency Roleplay© | Interview Server Los Angeles Emergency Roleplay© | Interview Server Other 41 Other 41
Interviewers Required

Server looking for experienced interviewers with at least a year experience as an interviewer in a roleplay server PS4, Xbox or FiveM

Box World Box World Advertising Managers 33 Advertising Managers 33
Advertising Mananger

The Box World is a community where people can chill, chat and if course have fun. But we must be known so become our advertiser!

Saturn Support Server Saturn Support Server Moderators 22 Moderators 22
Looking for Awol Moderators

We are looking for some people who will be active in the server.